Player Factions

Focus (significant) or chartered (player-created) factions are joinable.
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Player Factions

Postby Rhicora Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:59 am

Each guild or player faction may have one thread for public contact and advertisement here. You don't have to be associated with a focus faction (e.g. the Promenade, the Iron Ring, or the Lolthite Houses), but if you plan to work heavily with them, make sure you mention it in your initial post. Keep in mind that everything you reveal about your organization in these threads is assumed to be discoverable through rumor, so don't post secrets and expect them to remain so. Suggested format:

Faction name:
High concept:
Leader name / username:
Second's name / username:
Restrictions (alignment/race/deity):

When you have five members, submit a list of them (playername, forum name, and character name) in General Inquiries tickets and you will be notified if you are considered a chartered faction. These player factions are eligible for DM plotlines.

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