The Iron Boars Mercenary Company

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The Iron Boars Mercenary Company

Postby DirtyGoblin Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:22 am

Faction name: The Iron Boars

High concept: Mercenary Outfit [Guardians for Hire]

Leader name / username: Tarl Hollow / TheFrozenWind

Second's name / username: Francine Arboire / LadyDoe

Goals: The Iron Boars seek to cement their presence in Skullport and one day branch beyond. This over-arching goal is measured in steps, the acquisition of turf and territory and the maintenance of their reputation as professional and reliable soldiers and guardians for hire.

Methods: Professionalism is valued highly in the mercenary company. The Iron Boars have wagered their reputation on the notion that there's "Honor Among Thieves." They sell themselves as reliable security for merchants, smugglers, skulker gangs and other outfits. The hallmark of the Iron Boars, is that once hired, it can be expected of them to complete the contract and keep their word. Morality is a fickle thing, and the Boars are not above providing security for a batch of freshly gained slaves. While they are not martyrs for hire, they're a clear step above your typical paid-thug.

Restrictions (alignment/race/deity): Restrictions are based less on race, deity, or alignment and more on the merit of the individual and the role they might fill within the company. The impulsive and brash need not apply. Those who are too fickle to keep their word will find no place within the Boars, and those who cannot work well with others will be denied membership. The Boars train to work as cohesive units in carrying out their work so a certain level of discipline and professionalism is to be expected.

TL;DR: Lawful preferred, all races accepted albeit Humans are the majority, so bias against Drow does exist.


Whispers among the skulker's and merchants of Skullport speak of a new gang. The gang, going by the name of the Iron Boars seems to present itself as a mercenary outfit. The Boar's are led by two ex-guards, and have collected a a variety of odd skulkers. It's a common sight to see the band marching through Skullport on it's way to some expedition or back-alley. Every so often a fliar will be nailed to a public board with a simple message:
"The Iron Boars are seeking able armsmen. If you yearn for steady work, and a disciplined outfit, seek us out. Tarl Hollow."

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