House Tanor'thal

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House Tanor'thal

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Of those drow who venerate Lolth within Skullport, House Tanor'thal are by far the largest group. With a private portal network at their disposal to their city of origin, Karsoluthiyl, Tanor'thal run a lucrative racket in the Port of Shadows, their location near Waterdeep allowing trade of all sorts of exotic surface goods to be funneled back home.

Despite its power and influence, Tanor'thal is on constant watch for rival powers interfering with its dealings. The Iron Ring would love to uproot the strongest opposition to their outright dominance of Skullport's streets and slave markets, being among the only factions that could hope to match them in pure military might. Similarly, their ancient enemies of the Chosen of Eilistraee watch from afar, keen to undo their work and perhaps even wrest some of their number from Lolth's clutches.

Its smaller rival Lolthite rival, House Lysaen, stands eagerly ready to capitalise on any missteps they make and turn their carelessness into profit. This upstart house has recently proved to be a threat to their monopoly on trade between Skullport and Karsoluthiyl, and while they lack Tanor'Thal's resources, they are still Lolth's ever-opportunistic children.

The Dark Dagger's relationship with Tanor'thal, as with any interaction between Vhaeraunite and Lolthite groups, is exceptionally poor. Relations continue to worsen, and Tanor'thal's assets are always at risk once they leave the streets, the Dark Dagger's keen abilities of sabotage and thievery uncaring of their target.


Kesra Tanor'thal - The neice of Matron Mother Haelra Tanor'thal, the ruler of the drow city of Karsoluthiyl, Kesra serves as the acting Matron Mother of House Tanor'thal in Skullport. Though Kesra is a mere 50 winters old, she is keen to prove her worth to her aunt in serving her interests within the Port of Shadows, crushing anything that may jeopardise them. She is headstrong and haughty, believing herself to be blessed by Lolth. As a result of this, she is prone to dramatic displays of her skill of arms and in priestly magic. Aside from purely physical strength, Kesra has proven herself in other tasks only those of a particularly brutal nature excel at. Her efficient subjugation of hundreds of goblinkind to be used as slave labour for Karsoluthiyl is rumoured to have been what impressed Kesra's aunt to entrust Skullport to her care, to the supposed consternation of her elder cousins.

Matron Mother Haelra Tanor'thal - The ruler of Karsoluthiyl, Haelra leaves the day-to-day running of operations within Skullport to her niece, Kesra. Quite why the Matron Mother felt the need to have her flesh and blood within Skullport to oversee operations can't be said for sure, but past interactions with Malakuth Tabuirr of the Dark Dagger when the two groups had dealings together have been said to have been less than pleasant. Her rivals, House Lysaen, have also begun to gain a foothold within Skullport, something that Tanor'thal as a whole have a vested interested in squashing as soon as possible.

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