Skulker Gangs

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Skulker Gangs

Postby Moonsaves Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:07 pm

Skulker gangs are a common sight within Skullport, even the dimmest thug realising that finding a posse of like-minded individuals to associate themselves with is a good idea. While often out for themselves and getting involved in all manner of lucrative activities of their own choosing and design, they are often used by the major players in the city; there may be some escapees from Skull Island, causing the Iron Ring to put out the word that returning their property in a sell-able condition would be rewarded; maybe a merchant needs to ensure that his rare spice is as rare as he's billing it to be and his competitors suddenly have their stocks burned; or perhaps somebody simply needs to be reminded not to mess with the wrong person by having an example made of them.

Skulker gangs are not limited exclusively to illicit activities, and many mercenary bands and informal mercantile guilds occupy territory on the streets of Skullport. Eventually, some Skulker gangs gain enough power to become locally prominent and gain some fear and respect.

Having said that, hubris is always an issue for even the smallest of gangs, and even the most successful up-and-coming groups have cross the wrong people at the wrong time and found their corpses dumped face-down in the River Sargauth for the tentacled beasts within to devour. Still, Skulker gangs are a vital part of keeping Skullport functional, with many being longtime residents of the city and well aware of the damage a visit from wizshades (or even the Skulls themselves) can do, and so are eager to enforce the peace and eliminate anyone who might disturb it quickly and efficiently.

The Church of Cyric - The Cyricists have grown in power immensely since their sect was banished from Waterdeep above. While they wield much influence and fear, they are now at the level where factions such as the Iron Ring and House Tanor'Thal have identified them as a nuisance and possibly a future disruption to their business. Time will tell if the Cyricists will survive when they inevitably attempt their ambitious power grab.

Haffa's Flatbacks - The Half-Ogre known as Haffa runs a seemingly legitimate teamster business on the backs of his large stock of goblin and kobold workers. While he pays his crew a fair wage, he has destroyed several other groups that posed even the slightest threat to his business or turf.

The Street Scrapers - Responsible for keeping the streets free of debris and waste, the Street Scrapers charge a price for local businesses for the service. Should a merchant refuse to pay, they may find 200 pounds of rancid otyugh dung outside their door every day until they do.

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