The Dark Dagger

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The Dark Dagger

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The shadowy, twisting alleys of Skullport make for the perfect place for exiles of all stripes to hide and plot, including disaffected male drow. Many outcast male drow are faithful of the Masked Lord, Vhaeraun, and many of these are members of the shady organisation known as the Dark Dagger.

The Dark Dagger are an organisation of drow rogues, active in Turmish, the Villhon Reach, Amn, and Calimshan. A bid by the Calishite cell of the Dark Dagger in 1359 to take over the criminal underworld there failed, and a group of assassins disguised as slave traders infiltrated Skullport and killed half of the Dark Dagger's number within the city in revenge. Their reputation and influence was diminished, and has only begun to be rebuilt in recent years under their current leadership.

The Dark Dagger cell in Skullport deals with a wide array of illicit activity, including (but not limited to): assassination, slave-trading, burglary, smuggling, and extortion. Notably, the Dark Dagger in Skullport also makes use of the services of human and half-elf members.


Malakuth Tabuirr - The Drow leader of the Dark Dagger cell of Skullport, Malakuth has his hands in not only slavery, but also mercenary work, thievery, smuggling, and trading, amongst other things. Malakuth often conducts his business out of his office in the Iron Halls, though often visits the Slaver's Market to see how business is doing. Next to nothing is known of Malakuth's activities before he came to be in Skullport, and seemingly nobody had heard of him up until the point he arrived and began rebuilding the Dark Dagger's reputation after it was gutted by an attack by Calishite agents. While he has rivalries with many different organisations and figures (among them Misker the Pirate Tyrant, the Horned Dwarf's Xanathar Slavers Guild, and the drow of House Tanor'Thal of Karsoluthiyl), Malakuth prefers that his agents do their business in the shadows, keeping their distance and within the realm of plausible deniability.

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