The Keepers

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The Keepers

Postby Moonsaves Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:10 pm

To enter Skullport by sea, one must sail through the Southern Seacaves, eventually coming upon the great system of blocks and tackles known as "the hoist". This great mass of pulleys and winches is operated by slaves, both living and undead, and is overseen by the organisation known as the Keepers. The Keepers monitor all traffic by sea in and out of Skullport with unchallenged authority, and charge a toll for entry. Further to this, they reserve the right to search any ship, if they believe there is something on-board that would cause problems within Skullport. The Keepers operate out of the Keeper Enclave, a fortified position consisting of three towers and patrolled by mercenary guards on the Keeper payroll. It is rumoured they also maintain a force of charmed sea creatures and undead.

Once the hoist is used to take ships over the retaining wall and down a hundred feet to the currents below, where it drifts to the magical locks also overseen by the Keepers. Here the ship and everything on it is reduced in size to the point of being 10 feet or less in diameter, magically surrounded in a bubble of sea water, and then navigates the sharp turns of the narrow and twisting channel, before finally slowly descending the waterfall near Skull Pool, where it can either dock on the far side of Skull Isle or along the docks on the southeastern cliffs near the Keeper Enclave. Vessels wishing to leave by the seacaves must ring the bell by the waterfall, where an agent of the Keepers will perform the process in reverse, levitating the craft up the waterfall and navigating them backwards against the current. ​


Lochlord Gideona - Hailing from Halrua, the wizard known as Lochlord Gideona is a powerful transmuter and the leader of the Keepers. She is a powerful individual, and controls all trade coming in and leaving Skullport by the sea, her monopoly secure with the Keepers being the only group capable of maintaining the magical locks.

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