The Church of Cyric

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The Church of Cyric

Postby Moonsaves Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:03 pm

The word of Cyric spreads like a cancer throughout Faerun, taking root where the impoverished and hungry dwell and glutting them with whispered false promises of power and wealth. The Prince of Lies' followers have found a home in the Port of Shadows, their sect having been driven from Waterdeep some years ago and forced literally underground. They have since become a prominent Skulker gang, proselytizing out of the watchful sight of the Skulls and converting the disenfranchised to their warped sense of thinking, slowly raising an army of fanatical murderers ready to obey the word of Cyric. The faithful of the Prince of Lies are hungry with ambition, and in their twisted view, Skullport is merely a stepping stone to greater things.

However, their disruption of the status quo may yet be their undoing, as they have drawn the ire of more than one major group within the city, and many of these same groups have begun to consider them to be more than a minor nuisance. Time will tell if they will attempt to grab for power, and if they do, if they will survive the attempt.​

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