The Skullport Sorcere

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The Skullport Sorcere

Postby BorrowedTime Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:44 am

Faction name:
The Skullport Sorcere

High concept:
Arcane Guild

Leader name / username:
High Councillor :: Qelyr / BorrowedTime

Second's name / username: Councillor(s) ::
Sawyer / ArcaneBumblebee, Balin / TheSpaniard, Vincham Marsden / Moonsaves

1) Regulation of magic within the city of Skullport, for the safety of it's citizens
2) Crafting and enchanting services
3) Investigation of magical phenomena
4) Research and study of advanced magic
5) Once large enough, creation of a small council of leadership to help prevent conflicts of interest from controlling the Sorcere

Methods: As necessary, though preferably as orderly as perceived possible. Cooperation among the members of the Sorcere is paramount to success, as is the cooperation with other factions, as needed.

Restrictions (alignment/race/deity):
All races/alignments/deities, except: Drow females, all elves and half-elves.
The nature of the Sorcere would be most appealing to those of Lawful alignment, and non-good, although it is not restrictive.
Wizards are among the most important, though any who wish to further the goals of the Sorcere are allowed.

Rumors: What began as a simple notice on the bulletin board, the idea of the Sorcere seems to be taking root, offering arcane services to those willing to pay.

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