Dracorage Campaign - Church of Bahamut

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Dracorage Campaign - Church of Bahamut

Postby khaevil Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:40 am

After posting my paladin idea some players responded with interest. So, I'm detailing a little more what I was thinking of here. If we can get enough people involved we can beg a DM for an event.

To reiterate on the relevant lore, which is mostly take from the "Dragons of Faerun" source book:

Bahamut lost his divinity thousands of years ago, and regained it a few years ago. He was then imprisoned until just recently. This is the start of a resurgence of an ancient religion — and a dragon one at that — but it's about to be very relevant to player races.

The Turning of the Great Cycle is a religious revival among the dragons, where the forces of Bahamut face off against those of Tiamat in the Dragonfall War. It is a major event with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. From the server date it unfolds over the next few years and the event that triggered it, the lich Sammaster starting a Dracorage, is right now.

The Dracorage started on Hammer 1, (Janurary 1st) and will end on Nightal 6 (December 6th). The previous Dracorages were tied to the King Killer Star, only those dragons where the comet could be seen were affected and it lasted for a few tendays. This Dracorage is different. It was caused by a lich, and it keeps expanding until he is destroyed. Those events should be currently unfolding on the surface.

If the forces of Tiamat prevail, all the PC races become slaves to dragons. The PCs shouldn't know Tiamat is behind this, yet. For now, they should only know there's a Dragorage going on, it isn't coinciding with the King Killer Star, and doesn't seem to be ending. That part should be rather hard to miss if they have any contact with the surface. They may know the Cult of the Dragon is offering dragons the option of becoming dracoliches, or going insane.

Since the Dracorage is usually from the King Killer Star, the assumption added to make it relevant around Skullport is many dragons may try to hide deep underground to avoid the effects. This could mean there are a bunch of dragons that managed to take refuge in the Underdark, or that are on their way. As the passage to Skullport is large enough for a ship to fit through, unless it's an old and very large dragon, they can just fly to Skullport. They can also take on human shape, so there could be a dragon hanging around already and nobody knows it.

A reasonable story could center around finding dragons hiding out from the Dracorage. Perhaps assist them while they avoid the effects of the Dracorage and try to sway them to Bahamut's side. Seeing as the Cult of the Dragon is trying to force them to either become undead servants or go insane, it seems if there's ever an opportunity to sway an evil dragon this is it.

There should be a bunch of unattended eggs right now, and trying to recover eggs should be of great importance. Finding dragons and relaying messages to the church to aid in recovering eggs before the Cult of the Dragon gets to them will be important in the war to come.

We can't all get what we want, so if everyone else wants hack n' slash then I guess that'll be what happens. I'll just die a little on the inside. Here's what I'd like to see:

Depending on the dragon perhaps we'll try to aid it, persuade it, or slay it. Dragons have a range of alignments, they don't all just eat people. I don't want this to just be some excuse to go dragon slaying for loot.

I'm hoping it will generate a small group, standard 4-6 adventure party size so everyone can actually matter, and that most of the adventures will involve little combat. Much of it will probably be forum roleplay, and maybe some events depending on DM interest.

I also don't want to treat major dragons as if they are no big deal. Even a level 15 group shouldn't stand much chance against an adult red dragon. If the group defeats it I would hope it's through a clever trick, not charge in and stab. The slaying of such a major foe could turn into some server-wide event. We go to town and get all the PCs standing around to go off on some massive dragon raid. I like this option, as it turns the group's roleplay into something for others to do as well.

If you've read this far, and you're still interested, please post below. Perhaps include a rough character concept.
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Re: Dracorage Campaign - Church of Bahamut

Postby xorena Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:00 am

Bumping this.

I am playing a half elf bard for this campaign. If anyone else is interested please post below. I'll add a character BIO when I have time to put her backstory to paper. Her name is Silifrey Hornraven.

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