House Lysaen

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House Lysaen

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:31 am

House Lysaen

House Lysaen is a drow house with creeping influence and presence within Skullport. Like its larger rival, House Tanor'thal, House Lysaen hails from the drow city of Karsoluthiyl, though unlike Tanor'thal, they have no access to any network of magical portals with which to travel. As a result, they must rely on less-efficient means of transporting their slave stock and supplies, either through the myriad winding and dangerous tunnels from Karsoluthiyl and through the Undermountain, or overland via the dreaded Forest of Wyrms. They are scrambling to establish a foothold in Skullport's lucrative trading market, and as so must tread carefully against not only other Lolthite groups, but the Iron Ring consortium.

Notable Figures

Ahlysaaria Lysaen - The House Lysaen delegation in Skullport is led by Ahlysaaria Yril'Lysaen, a cleric of Lolth. She has been trusted with keeping Lysaen's affairs in Skullport protected, while Lysaen itself attempts to use its not-inconsiderate political clout back in Karsoluthiyl to vie for other houses to make use of the portals House Tanor'thal currently has a monopoly over. Until that happens, she must ensure her house is not crushed by backstabbing games of murder and politics, even so far from home.

Calovel Lysaen - The Weaponmaster of Lysaen is known to be a no-nonsense commander, with years of expertise behind him. Recent losses, in part due to the superior maneuvering of Tanor'thal forces, have set his numbers back. He is eager to rebuild his ranks and re-establish Lysaen as a name of unparalleled military prestige. Rumors that Ahlysaaria is romantically involved with Calovel are only that; nothing is official.

Stance on Races

House Lysaen is a moderate organization in comparison to House Tanor'thal. By virtue of Tanor'thal's supremacy as First House, their Lolthite leadership can afford to pick the most devout and obedient spider-worshipers in the city and bring them to heel. Lysaen doesn't have this luxury, and in an effort to rise to the top they're willing to take whoever's the most competent, even if their religious fervor is suspect. As a result, they employ many Skulkers of other races - mostly under Needle, a notable half-drow rogue who leads the nondrow branch of the organization.

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