The Promenade of the Dark Maiden

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The Promenade of the Dark Maiden

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:32 am

The Chosen of Eilsitraee

Centuries ago, a small band of drow outcasts, worshipers of the Dark Maiden Eilistraee, were called upon by their deity to destroy the vile site known as the Pit of Ghaunadaur. Eager to keep his evil at bay, they guarded against any possible return of his forces or power by setting up armed tours of the area, keeping a constant vigil. In time, they would mockingly come to be known as "promenades" by other drow groups, an insult they would later happily appropriate with the construction of the Promenade of the Dark Maiden.

The Promenade itself is a fortified temple complex and a site of great holy significance to the faithful of Eilistraee. Since its construction, they have fallen into an uneasy (and unspoken) truce with several other factions of Skullport, though while they do not necessarily fight on the open streets, they are known (or suspected) to strike at slaving operations and caravans, making them a thorn in the sides of several powerful groups. Ahmaergo of the Xanathar Slavers Guild is a hated foe, and returns their contempt tenfold for their interruption of his dealings. They are not the Chosen's only enemies however, and they have been known to frequently clash with the Dark Dagger's drow hunters and Zstulkk Ssarmn's jailers. The Chosen have also been known to provide succor to escaped slaves and adventurers who are known foes of their own enemies within Skullport, eager to protect the weak and gain trustworthy allies where possible.

Notable Figures

Qilué Veladorn - The High Priestess of Eilistraee within the Promenade, Qilué is the youngest of the Seven Sisters, the Chosen of the goddess of magic, Mystra. She is possessed of a haunting beauty, and this is something she is very much aware of. While kind and compassionate, Qilué is also capable of being firm and commanding when required. She dislikes violence, and seeks a non-violent resolution when possible (especially when it comes to drow she believes can be eventually converted to the Dark Maiden's side), but despises the enslavement of intelligent creatures in all of its forms. It has been rumoured that a conflict with forces of the god Ghaunadaur has recently injured her, something most feel is confirmed by the fact she has withdrawn mostly from the public eye. As such, her second, Iljrene Ahbruyn, tends to act in her place.

Iljrene Ahbruyn - Iljrene serves as the Hand of the Protectors, the leader of the Promenade's temple guards. While Qilué withdraws herself from public affairs, she also acts with the High Priestess' authority. Deceivingly soft, any seasoned Skulker is more than aware that her looks mean nothing, and she has a long history of slaying powerful enemies of the Dark Maiden. Her military background has been suggested to influence her decrees and orders when acting on the High Priestess' behalf, though rarely to her face.

Stance on Races

The Promenade is as welcoming to nondrow as the Goddess herself. The very purpose of Eilistraee is to encourage cooperation between races that have historically hated one another, and eventually to forge a new world together. Elves, humans, and halfbloods find a particularly warm welcome in her ranks. As long as you're willing to fight for that cause, and stand strong in the face of slavers and Lolthite fanatics, you're welcome in her ranks. The only original sin in the Promenade is softness.

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