The Black Bullet Cartel

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The Black Bullet Cartel

Postby MurderProdigy Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:52 am

Faction name: The Black Bullet Cartel

High concept : A Skulker gang that will do anything to acquire wealth and power

Leader name / username: Mardak Xanfire/ MurderProdigy

Second's name / username: Yegissin/ Bazeal; Natalya/ GholaMan (partner); Mauric Jard/ Rapsam2003 (partner)

1) Become the strongest gang in Skullport.
2) Create a protection racket with merchants.
3) Invest into a steady flow of income. Create the best brothel and Gambling Rings around. Sell the best drugs in Skullport.
4) Ally with Xanathars guild.

Methods: Under the leadership of Mardak, the gang plans to be infamous for their ruthlessness and their ability to get any dirty job done. Extortion, robbery, assassination, mercenary jobs... nothing is off the table. The Black Bullet Cartel will slaughter or enslave anybody that gets in their way. The gang also plans to network to stand out from any other typical skulker gang.

Restrictions (alignment/race/deity): Evil is highly encouraged but neutrals are allowed. Usually no drow but there may be exceptions.

Rumors spread that Mardak, The Hateful Hin, has managed to get a group of skulker thugs to band together. Nobody knows their next move, but anybody that knows Mardak knows it will be interesting.

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