The Xanathar

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The Xanathar

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:15 am

Xanathar Slavers' Guild

A slaver ring and part of the Iron Ring consortium, the Xanathar Slaver's Guild are dominated by the intimidating figure of the Horned Dwarf, Ahmaergo. seem to maintain strong ties with the Xanathar Thieves guild, based on the surface in Waterdeep. They are also known as the Agents of the Eye.

Though the titles are not widely known outside of the organisation, its members are split into three different but important roles:

HANDS - Ahmaergo's thugs and main visible presence on the streets of Skullport, the Hands openly wear the Iron Ring for which their mother organisation is named for, marking them plainly as open slavers. They are his enforcers and soldiers, and also in charge of procuring and protecting the product.
MOUTHS - The informants and spies that make up the Xanathar's information network within Skullport. With competition both within and without the Iron Ring, as well as those who wish them outright harm regardless due to the nature of their business, the guild shrewdly have Skulkers from all walks of life in their pocket, in turn offering some level of protection to the Skulkers in question from the dangers of the city, including the ever-present threat of slavery itself (at least, in practice).
RUNNERS - The guild's messengers and couriers. They carry messages around the organisation's structure within Skullport, distributing reports from the Horned Dwarf's subordinates, and his orders in return. Notably, they are often known to leave the city, presumably to communicate with the Xanathar Thieves Guild above.

Notable Figures

Ahmaergo, the Horned Dwarf - The slaver known as the Horned Dwarf (named for his distinctive "horned" black iron plate mail, complete with helmet) runs a highly disciplined and organised slaver outfit called the Xanathar Slavers Guild. Ahmaergo has established strong diplomatic and business ties with the Duergar of Skullport, but his rivalry with figures such as Ztulkk Ssarmn and Misker the Pirate Tyrant has threatened to spiral out of control and plunge the city into open warfare. Rumour has it that Ahmaergo has a superior above even him, with some pointing out frequency of messages leaving the city as evidence to the claim. Of course, nobody would dare mention these rumours within earshot of the Horned Dwarf himself.

Stance on Races

Some Xanathar / Agents of the Eye may take a dim view of drow and yuan-ti within their ranks. Both are quite distrusted by the majority-human Skulker population within, and even more so when those potential recruits could have gone to the Dark Dagger or Zstulk Ssarmn's outfit. With that said, there are a few who have worked hard to prove themselves. It certainly helps for yuan-ti and drow to express their distaste for the traditional pantheons and convictions of their kin, which could prove dangerous to the Agents.

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