The Diluvian Seekers

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The Diluvian Seekers

Postby SheErik Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:58 pm

tl;dr at bottom!


We are intruders.

The populace squirm and froth under an infection of unfamiliar sort.
Eldritch power manifests in concerning frequency amongst the dredged community.
Illithids walk their abhorrent forms through our streets, purpose unknown, perhaps even to the Skulls we so trust in.
Superstition and paranoia spread amongst those at the waters edge, leading to bloodshed.
The monstrosities in the warrens thrive, undulating masses neither flesh nor vegetation groan in the sewers,
as if calling for their mother.

These occurrences - and many more like them - are no coincidence.
The mountains of the Skullport stood for untold millennia the absence of civilisation-
In the grand scheme of Faerun, we have scarce inhabited it for the blink of an eye.
What abyssal fauna inhabited it was not of our concern when the port was first built.
But our mercantile trade - our violent rivalries - our squall and hubris.
Perhaps they have gone on long enough for an eye to blink open. And to awaken.

We should never have come here.


Proposition: To bring an offshoot of the Kraken Society into activity as a non-antagonistic faction mainly centered around investigation, exploration, and the occult, heavily inspired by Lovecraftian tone, and with a focus on the long-term psychological impact of learning things that should not be learned. At best, the unsung heroes who will risk their sanity for the future of the port, and the world. At worst, lunatic conspiracy theorists and cultists who chase shadows and fever dreams.

The Seekers would not have much active conflict with other factions, and would largely be a Neutral-Aligned PvE Faction. Stopping an alien god from devouring all brains is generally a desirable things if you happen to own one, and your methods to accomplish such may go beyond what is morally right in pursuit of your preservation. Good and Evil are free to join, as are Law and Chaos, but the goal and the importance of the task should be what unites them through differences.

Society Activities (Without GM Supervision) Would Include:

Investigating: Overthink everything. A missing person? Strange plague? Warlocks? Weird statues? Overthink, explore, and make mini-quests to Come up with theories. Share them with fellow members. Accidentally stumble upon the truth 5% of the time. Disregard the remaining 95%. Develop an alias an post messages under it to hide your involvement. Try to warn people about things that anger the Kraken without them thinking you're an insane doomsday preacher. Find strange features of hidden dungeons and over-analyse them, killing monsters that get in the way. And taking loot.

Cult Meetings: Gathering in secret to attempt ill-advised communication with the mind of eldritch antediluvian Gods. Have visions and nightmares and mad theories. Attempt to follow them and arrange events to allow something of a questline to form. Get involved in the aftermath of DM events - just because a DM is not actively online right now doesn't mean we should stop theorising about what strangeness they unleashed last time.

Going Subtly Insane: Gradually develop increasing neuroses and derangements (Similar to Vampire: The Masquerade) Never let your hands be dry. Chew your nails. Eat raw flesh every day. Drink blood. Collect eyeballs. Attempt to convince people who've known you for a long time that you aren't going insane when they catch you doing these things.

Seeker Activities (With GM Supervision) Would Include:

Actual Evidence!: Breadcrumbs of decisive evidence, fleeting, but certain. Procede to overanalyse these repeatedly.

Making Contact: Entities affected by the Kraken below, mutants, abominations, and other horrors, to give one answer, and raise a dozen questions. Kidnapping and torturing Illithids to see if they know anything. Maybe one or two eldritch horrors to slay. Who knows? Nobody. It is impossible to even begin to understand.

Going Even More Insane: As above. Characters that get involved in this faction should be willing to play a gradual descent into increasing derangement.

What kind of character would work well in this faction?

Investigator. Occultist. Mercenary. Scholar. Paranoid. Superstitious. Prophet.

This faction would consider an understanding of this potential threat worth far more than gold or power. At least, they certainly would after their eyes are 'opened' to the horror. Coin, house feuds, and other petty squabbles suddenly seem meaningless when an existential threat to everything is on the table. It dominates their every waking thought, and each of their nightmares, when they can finally manage to sleep.

What I'd want to avoid in this faction.

Fishmalks/Madness Is Funny: Insanity portrayed for comic effect, or as unconcerning. People wearing mushrooms on their heads and quacking at random. The slow spiral into insanity should be a subtle and intense one, and ultimately tragic, rather than comedic. Those close to the character should be concerned at their increasing instability as they struggle to maintain a publicly acceptable face whilst playing to their acquired derangements. Insanity is something that the Society resist and struggle against, not something they readily and happily embrace. Nothing against a few mad characters, but jolly, clownish, cartoon-crazy would probably kill the vibe of people whose relationship with a significant other is falling apart because they're now terrified of eye contact. That isn't to say your character loses their sense of humour - of course, such a constant seriousness is a sign of madness itself! But their instability should not, as a rule, be the source of laughs, or hammed up to disruptive levels that make it hard to realistically interact with you.

Fearlessness: Characters with high willpower will break later than others, but all of us have a limit. Often in Lovecraftian themed stories, listening to your fear would have been the only thing that saved you from a horrible death. If your character has a particularly high willpower (or is fear-immune), then they should be enduring horrors through a desperate clutch to their purpose and reason, rather than an aura of careless badassery whilst they mock those who are starting to lose their composure.

A Focus On Adversity: The Seekers have no natural enemies other than the ones they dream up themselves. I'm not saying that sacrificing a captive to placate the Kraken's wrath (just like the strange pattern of shellfish on the ancient boulder made clear was required for its approval!), but it should not be a regular thing. I'm hoping that through our mutual interest in overthinking things, we can generate plenty of RP without having to start killing perfectly innocent players.

Cliqueishness: Being a Seeker shouldn't stop you having RP with other characters. In fact, there's no reason you can't be in a Focus faction, or any faction, and also have a morbid fascination with the eldritch horror living under your town, occasionally meet for a discussion of the significance of the whale with the humanoid face that washed up last week, a bit of a madness-inducing augury that gives you far more of an answer to that question than you wanted and makes you terrified of teeth, then go back and try to convince your Iron Hand buddies you're perfectly normal and aren't going insane when you start pulling out a slave's molars. Be inviting to new people who show even the slightest bit of curiosity about your secret investigations into eldritch abominations. The more people we awaken to the truth, the more likely we are to be able to win Its favour. Before It truly awakes.


FURTHER READING / HYPE MATERIAL - The Sunless Sea OST (Good Background Music) - HP Lovecraft Audiobooks read by Wayne June


TL: DR Version:

I'm looking to breathe some life into a player faction as a Lovecraftian-themed, PvE focused group of investigators and occultists who accept insanity as part of the job, and which appeals to a variety of characters outside of the "Drow/Slavery" circles.

Is anyone interested, and do any pre-existing characters have a possible 'in' to such a group? I'm not expecting people to throw themselves into eldritch rites, but a touch of curiosity rests in every adventurer, doesn't it? Certainly, obsessing over weird statues is a more fun way to rack up your RPXP and BXP meters than just boredly bantering in the pub. :D

Post up if this has piqued some interest! I'm in-game as Erika33 (don't ask), and can be PMed here on the forums or Discord if you want some chat about it.
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Re: The Diluvian Seekers

Postby SheErik Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:29 am

(( Do feel free to respond to this thread! I'd love to know if there's actually any interest still and if anyone actually has characters that could join in on this.

To clarify, this faction isn't all about Lovecraftian stuff, it's also a general-purpose Plot-Investigation faction, I just thought that was a good thing to sell it with and start on, since I was launching from the Kraken Society (whose name I have now abandoned to show that we're not them)).

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