How To: Be A Slave / Slaver

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How To: Be A Slave / Slaver

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:52 am


Being a slave in Skullport is rough, and you should treat slaves as characters with a short life expectancy.

- Your character will start as a School of Obedience slave unless you've talked with a DM.
- Iron Ring slaves have no rights and need to be doing specific work to not be in their cage on Slaver's Landing.
- It is good form not to grind until you've figured out which Iron Ring slaver you're working with.
- We've created a group for @Slavers who handle new slaves in Discord, with a couple members already. Slavers are player helpers who are trusted to communicate well OOC and get your slave involved in RP. You'll want to choose one you trust and are compatible with.
- When a slaver has taken charge of your character, they decide what the slave may do.
- If you're interested in capture or training, many slavers will be able to offer those scenes too. Some might be okay with a plot that involves escape or rescue. Work this all out beforehand so there aren't any misunderstandings later.
- Slavers will generally have the goal of selling you to a regular player, who might put your character in the gladiator rings, have them craft, or perform other roleplayed work. If you object to a sale for strong OOC reasons, be sure to let the slaver know so you're matched with someone who is a better fit.

It might be easier to play a recently-freed person if you're looking for a character that has IC liberties.


Being a slaver is as much a player helper role as it is a background choice. By accepting the Slavers tag and key, you agree to be there to create RP for the Iron Ring slaves and ensure they get the experience they want. You have a lot of IC control over them, so it's extra-important to communicate with the slaves' players OOC about their limits, preferences, and to whom they'd like to be sold.

If you'd like to request the Slavers tag, please put in a Plot Actions ticket stating that you're going to speak with Artemis about training and selling slaves for him. Your cut will typically be ten percent of the final price, and you are responsible for delivering the remainder to the Iron Ring. As an independent slaver, you won't have any power or influence - you're little more than a day laborer for the School of Obedience. Only by working with the Xanathar (or another meaningful Iron Ring group) can you possibly hope to have anyone come to your aid in times of trouble.

In your ticket, you will need to agree to the terms above.

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