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Guide: Progression / E15

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:57 am

What is "E15"?

Originally devised for a past server, the 15 level system is a collection of class and mechanical changes that effectively cap the maximum character level at 15 while still retaining a feeling of progression that goes beyond these levels. All of these changes are colloquially referred to as the "E15" system.

Why E15?

This system reduces the power scale of all player characters across the board by a significant margin when compared to systems with a full 30 levels available. For a roleplay focused server, the system introduces many benefits that are highly conducive to a roleplay heavy environment:
  • Epic characters that reach demi-god levels of power have always been an extremely awkward barrier for both DMs and players to RP around. This system removes that barrier, making it much easier to roleplay at your power level and giving DMs more freedom to appropriately challenge players without throwing something ridiculous at them like hordes of Balors.
  • In a level 30 system, the power gap between epic characters and non-epic characters is extremely high, making it nigh impossible for a group of lower level characters to challenge a higher level one. This isn't the case here! A group of clever and like-minded lower level characters can viably take down higher and even max level characters.
  • Reducing the power level introduces more grounded roleplay overall; player characters can be powerful, but they'll never reach the heights of famous named NPCs.
  • Previous cut and paste powerbuilds aren't applicable here, and indeed, powerbuilding is less relevant overall due to the reduced power scale. This means players can now more comfortably build whatever concept they wish with RP in mind first, without the fear that they'll lag behind too far.
There are many other benefits, small and large, but the takeaway is that this system highly benefits a roleplay focused server.

Level Progression

Limited feats, selected from the interface accessible from the character sheet, provide smaller increments in character power and are made to help customize your character further as well as fill in the lost sense of progression that comes with having fewer levels overall. A table of the system's level progression is shown below;


ECL penalties apply as 8%, 16%, and 24% XP penalties for ECL 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

After reaching class level 15, you no longer gain class levels but can continue to progress in experience points. You gain an additional bonus feat and two limited feats every 36,000 XP, up to a limited amount, but experience gain is largely reduced.

Spell Progression

Spell progression and the maximum level of spells available to players is also changed in the E15 system. Wizards, Sorcerers, Clerics, Druids and Spirit Shamans can only cast up to 6th level spells. Bards only cast up to 4th level, Rangers and Paladins only up to 3rd level, and Warlocks only get a single dark invocation.

Specific progression tables for each class are displayed below:

Image Image

Spells Known

Sorc/Spirit Shaman have the same progression:


Thanks to @SteelStallion for bringing us this guide!

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