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Guide: Experience Types

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:00 am

We have several ways to get experience points (XP) on this server. They're a little complex, so we want to make sure players have a good level of information about them. This will get a bit in-depth, but all the information's here ...

Roleplay XP

RP XP is designed to encourage roleplay. First and foremost, we are a roleplay server, and we want to reward players who start plots and keep the city interesting.

This is an immediate XP reward granted when you interact with other players. You get RP XP for emotes and conversations with other players, in both local chat and whispers. There's a certain amount of randomness here; you won't get a roleplay XP award every time. You can check how much RP XP you've earned in your character's lifetime by typing !info.

We have a base RP XP award, but that amount will be reduced in a linear manner based on your level:

1-9: 100%
10: 90%
11: 80%
12: 70%
13: 60%
14: 50%
15: 40%

This scale is subject to adjustment to be more generous as the playerbase progresses.

Grind XP

Grind XP is generated when monsters are killed. It's similar to the way you'd gain XP on any other server. Our grind XP can sometimes feel a little low, but frequent adventurers will typically have more gold and magical items.

We have a base level of XP for each monster, but that amount will be reduced in a steep (softcap) manner based on your level:

1-2: 150%
3-4: 100%
5: 90%
6: 80%
7-8: 70%
9: 50%
12: 30%
13: 15%
14-15: 5%

This scale is subject to adjustment to be more generous as the playerbase progresses.

Bonus XP

Bonus XP is designed to encourage situational hunting. We feel you should be more efficient at grinding if you don't do it constantly, and if you have limited time, we would rather you used it mostly for roleplay.

In addition to the RP XP awarded for interacting with other players, Bonus XP (BXP) is awarded and goes to your bonus pool whenever you receive a roleplay XP award. You can check your bonus pool by typing !info.

Bonus XP expends faster when you have more of it in your pool - in other words, you've been RPing and not grinding. The bonus pool is expended when you go grinding according to the following scale of bonus pool size:

0 or less: no bonus from the pool, it's empty
More than 1: +1x
More than 2,000: +2.25x
More than 5,000: +4.5x
More than 10,000: +6.75x
More than 20,000: +9.0x

A player with 3,000 BXP in their pool will have a rate of +2.25x, which means killing a 10xp monster will also expend 22 BXP for a total of 32xp. The expended BXP is subtracted from their pool. That 10xp monster will yield 100xp if they've really saved up! This pool is not capped.

Active XP

Active XP is a daily grant of 500 XP that needs to be spent just like BXP, but it accumulates in a different pool. Unlike BXP, this pool is capped at 3500 XP (1 week of accumulation). The Active XP pool spends before BXP.

Event XP

Event XP rewards participation in events, and reflects your character's newfound knowledge as a result of the trials and challenges they've gone through.

DMs may at their discretion award 200-2000xp during an event depending on length. Some events will not have XP rewards, but they may have more material prizes or effects on the world.

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