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Guide: Spell Changes

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:04 am

Spell Changes:

In Skullport, caster classes have fewer spell levels to work with and no longer have access to any of the epic spells such as Vampiric Feast. We found this to be a good opportunity to introduce a host of spell changes with the intention of creating more interesting and balanced spell-slinging action. These changes were made with the available loot and E15 system in mind. Spell damage increases are significant at a glance, but % based damage immunity properties are plentiful in Skullport's loot system, meaning that preparation is key when confronting caster monsters (and players).

These changes are not final. Additional spell changes that address spells from all classes will be made over time and added to this thread. Similarly, some existing changes may be tweaked according to balance concerns that come from players.

0th Level Spells:
  • Light: Effects and radius adjusted, added a little globule that floats next to the caster.
  • Cure Minor Wounds: Heals 8 HP (from 4)
1st Level Spells:
  • Protection from Alignment: Remove immunity to Mind Affecting, replace with +2 vs Mind Affecting
  • Blades of Fire: 6 seconds/level, up from 12 seconds flat.
  • Charm Person: Reduce will saves by 2 for 10 rounds regardless of whether pass/fail DC.
  • Sleep: Hit die cap removed.
  • Magic Missile: No spell resistance check (Still Stopped by Shield / Nightshield / Visage / Globe / ect)
  • Shocking Grasp: Increase scaling to 10d6 (up from 5d6) at 10th CL.
  • Color Spray - Stun for 1 round on successful save
  • Cause Fear - HD cap removed.
  • Burning Hands - Increase scaling up to 10d4 (up from 5d4) at 10th CL
  • Magic Weapon: Adds +1 magic damage (in addition to +1 Enchant)
  • Cure Light Wounds: 2d8 hp + 1 hp / level (max 15)
2nd Level Spells:
  • Dispel Magic, Lesser: Reduces spell resistance of target by 2 for 10 rounds. (Single Target & AOE)
  • Melf’s Acid Arrow: Additional +1 acid damage per CL on initial, damage per round increased to 1d6+1(up from 1d6)
  • Web: Duration up to 6 seconds/level (from 6 seconds/2 levels)
  • Tasha’s Hideous Laughter: Saving throw penalty for different race removed, +4 DC against enemies of the same race
  • Cloud of Bewilderment: Blinded for 2 rounds if you pass the saving throw. (Immunity to poison will still stop this)
  • Combust: Initial damage is 2d6+1d6 per caster level(up from 2d6+1) (Maximum is 2d6 + 10d6 Still)
  • Fireburst: Increased scaling to 10d8 at CL 10 (up from 5d8)
  • Gedlee’s Electric Loop: You are stunned for 1 round with no saving throw allowed (Will Save removed for stun)
  • Bladeweave: Duration up to 10 rounds + 1 round/level (up from 1 round/level)
  • Blindness/Deafness: Blinded and deafened for 2 rounds if you succeed the saving throw.
  • Death Armor: Duration up to 10 minutes per caster level (up from 6 sec/level)
  • Ghoul Touch: -3 to Fortitude saving throws for 10 rounds regardless of whether or not you pass the save.
  • Scare - HD cap removed
  • Balagarn’s Iron Horn: Effective strength of spell increased to 30
  • Living Undeath: Now a 5th level spell, lasts 1 round/level.
  • Cure Moderate Wounds: 4d8 hp + 1 hp / level (max 20)
3rd Level Spells:
  • Dispel Magic: Reduces spell resistance of target by 4 for 10 rounds
  • Magic Circle against Alignment: Same as Protection from Alignment (remove Mind Affecting immunities, replace with +2 saving throw vs Mind Affecting)
  • Flame Arrow: 6d6 damage up from 4d6+1 per arrow.
  • Mestil’s Acid Breath: Maximum damage increased to 15d6 at CL 15 (up from 10d6 at CL 10)
  • Fireball: Damage cap increased to 15d6 (up from 10d6)
  • Lightning Bolt: Damage cap increased to 15d6 (up from 10d6)
  • Scintillating Sphere: Damage cap increased to 15d6 (up from 10d6)
  • Vampiric Touch: Damage increased from 1d6 per 2 caster levels to 1d6 per caster level, 10d6 cap remains unchanged (Changed For Hexblade too)
  • Slow: No longer has a save
  • Call Lightning: Now available to Bards at 3rd level.
  • Cure Serious Wounds: 6d8 hp + 1 hp / level (max 25)
4th Level Spells:
  • Crushing Despair: No longer has a save, duration reduced to 6 seconds/level (down from 1 minute/level)
  • Elemental Shield: Duration increased to 10 rounds + 1 round per level, up from 1 round per level
  • Ice Storm: Damage changed to 3D6 (nCasterLvl)/3) ) (for a total of 15d6 cold damage and 3d6 bludgeoning at CL 15
  • Phantasmal Killer: Magic Damage increased to 8d6 (up from 3d6)
  • Fear: Fear lasts 2 rounds on a passed saving throw
  • Shout: Save removed, but deafness duration reduced to 1d6 rounds(down from 2d6)
  • Cure Critical Wounds: 8d8 hp + 1 hp / level (max 30)
  • Undead Bane Weapon: now only grants an additional 1d6 bonus damage, opposed to 2d6 bonus damage.
  • Recitation: Now grants a +1 bonus to AC, attack rolls, and saving throws if non-matching deity (down from +2), +3 if matching deity (remains the same).
5th Level Spells:
  • Arc of Lightning: Damage increased to 6d6 +1d6 per level (up from 1d6 per level)
  • Planar Binding, lesser: duration increased to 1 hour/level
    • Paralyze is still (Caster Level / 2) Rounds
  • Mind Fog: Will saves reduced by 5(down from 10), no longer has a save
  • Cacophonic Burst: Damage increased to 3d6+1d6 per caster level (up from 1d6 per caster level)
  • Cone of Cold:: Damage increased to 6d6+1d6 per caster level (up from 1d6 per caster level), remove reflex save.
  • Arc of Frost: Damage increased to 6d6+1d6 per caster level (up from 1d6 per caster level)
  • Shroud of Flame: Saving throw removed
  • Glass Doppleganger: HD cap removed
6th Level Spells:
  • Dispel Magic, Greater: Reduces spell resistance of target by 6 for 10 rounds
  • Planar Binding: Duration increased to 1 hour/level (up from 6s/level)
  • Legend Lore: Lore increased to 20+1 per 2 caster levels, duration increased to 10 mins/level
  • Chain Lightning: Damage increased to 2d6 per level(up from 1d6)
  • Undeath to Death: Will save removed
    • Spell Resist Remains Intact (Relies on the creatures)
  • Disintegrate: Damage increased to 3d6 per caster level (up from 2d6)
    • All other saves remain
  • Extract Water Elemental: No longer has a fortitude save
  • Stone Body/Iron Body: Will remove any castings of Freedom of Movement. Freedom of Movement does not affect characters with Stone Body or Iron Body active.

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