How To: Colored Text For Bios

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How To: Colored Text For Bios

Postby Admin Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:35 pm

Coloured Text in NWN2

NWN2 uses certain colours that are dictated within the NWN2_Colours.2da file. These colours can be used within the game by calling their name prior to anything you want to use the colour with, by using the format:

<color=Magenta>Aurora Chain</color>

This will make the words "Aurora Chain" show in Magenta, and this example was taken directly from the OC TLK file. I have also read that <c=Magenta>Aurora Chain</c> can also be used where c is a shorthand for color.

<i>words here</i> for italic
<b>words here</b> for bold

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