Clothes vs. Armor

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Clothes vs. Armor

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:42 am

We've unlocked clothing options in the appearance changer. Here's our policy on that:

Be sensible and roleplay believably.

If it looks like you could hide armor underneath it, you may apply it to armor. A short dress that leaves the legs bare is not going to be a great way to conceal chainmail. On the other hand, it's fine to wear a thick robe or long coat over a set of chainmail. The same goes for leather armor, chain shirts, etc.

Heavy armor (like full plate) is especially hard to conceal, so a good rule of thumb is to pick something that avoids showing skin at all -- and when you RP, draw attention to the fact that you're wearing something bulky underneath.

Appearance-changing rings and permanent illusion magic exist in this setting, but you don't possess either.

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