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Rebuilds & Transfers

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:43 am


Re-levels a character, allowing you to take levels up to the refund amount. You'll be the exact same character afterwards. You are permitted to change your class, but you may not change race/gender/name. Names are case sensitive and the rebuild won't go through if it doesn't match exactly. You will keep gold and items.

Rebuilds may be done at any time using the Character Refunder (doggo with sword in its mouth) in the OOC room. You will be refunded 75% your XP, plus 25% as BXP (subject to change after beta). The refunder will store all your existing BXP, but you will need to bank your items and gold. If you make dramatic changes to your class, try to roleplay retraining yourself or learning a new skill.

Rebuilds will be conducted at 100% of your current XP only if your build is considered an impacted build by a bug that is our fault. We will post information about affected builds in the changelog. Do not request a full rebuild for any reason other than a bug or substantial change we've made that breaks your build.


Transfers XP to a new character, deletes the old one. You will play a new character with no memory of the previous character's actions. You will not keep gold or items.

XP Transfers may be done at any time and for any reason by contacting a DM. Your new character will receive 50% your XP, plus 50% as BXP (subject to change after beta). You may not mule items to a new character, though it's fine to give away possessions before leaving town.

XP Transfers will only be conducted at 100% of current XP in combination with a permadeath plot, which is subject to DM discretion and needs an in-character reason. Please see our Voluntary Permadeath guide for more information.

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