Voluntary Permadeath

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Voluntary Permadeath

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:46 am

In almost all cases, we want permadeath to be the deliberate decision of the player. It should be your call when to wrap up your own character's story, whether that's after the culmination of a heroic plot arc, or abruptly and unexpectedly ("Game of Thrones style"). As such, it is very helpful for us to know if you feel the death of one of your characters would advance the tale.

A Storyteller or Admin may perform up to a 100% XP transfer to a new character after voluntary permadeath. No items will be transferred, though it's possible other players present at the scene of your character's death will have an opportunity to loot remains for trophies / plot items as follows:

- Up to 3 items may remain intact / lootable.
- These items are chosen by you, the player of the slain character.
- You must set a description on the item giving a glimpse of their history and plot significance.

If you'd like to invite permadeath for your character in upcoming events, please post a ticket in Plot Actions saying which character (and optionally, if there's any ongoing conflict you think would be a good hook, either with NPCs or another player). To preserve the secrecy and surprise, you should do this via tickets rather than the public forums.

Staff have the option to incorporate the permadeath scene into one of their plots (e.g. at a moment your character falls in combat) and/or approve a 100% XP transfer for death in PvP against a rival. Since it's a matter of personal plot, we can't promise a response to these tickets. You're free to close it at any time.

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