Roleplay Standards

Guidelines on character creation and for playing certain concepts.

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Roleplay Standards

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:46 am

Skullport is a heavy-roleplay server, created to cater to experienced roleplayers focused on storytelling. As such we expect our players to adhere to a very simple set of standards made to ensure a universal quality of in-character interaction.

Note that behavior that runs counter to these standards is not subject to punishment; repeated offenders are given time and receive attention from staff with the aim of helping them correct and overcome the aspects of their roleplay that clash with the server standards.

We expect a working knowledge of the English language from our players. Please try to use capitalization, punctuation and correct grammar.

We ask that our players create characters, stories and interact while keeping the "reality of the setting" in mind. We expect our players to consistently portray their character concepts in interaction and work to include themes associated with the City of Skullport into their roleplay and plots first and foremost.

We expect our players to read up on at least a minimal amount of lore associated with the character concepts they choose, before character creation. When interacting with others, remember that it is perfectly acceptable to play ignorance, as no one character (unless extremely knowledgeable) can be expected to recognize and adapt to each of the thousands of cultures and races in Faerun.

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