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Conflict Resolution

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:47 am

Community managers and admins are always there to handle situations in which the server rules have been broken.

However, if you happen find yourself in conflict with another player over some other aspect of the game, we ask that you try to resolve the issue personally before turning to staff for help. Most problems can be solved with a little reasoned discussion - remember that we roleplay and write stories together. It is in everyone's best interests to understand and help each other.

Below are some guidelines for handling disagreements between yourself and another player.

1. Try to initiate a civil and private discussion, preferably in real time (use tells, Discord, Skype, etc...)
- Don't make the conflict needlessly public - avoid the forums and the public Discord channel.
- Avoid coming across as though you're insulting the other player. Tone is difficult to convey, so make an extra effort to be diplomatic.

2. State the problem as you see it and list your concerns.
- It's important that you make a genuine attempt at describing the problem.
- Try to make "I" statements and withhold judgments, accusations, and absolute statements ("always" or "never").

3. Let the other person have their say.
- Try not to interrupt or contradict the other person's line of thought.
- Actively listen, so you can figure out where they're coming from and what kind of outcomes they might be okay with.
- You should try for at least minimal respect and avoid name-calling, heckling, threats and obscenities.

4. Listen and ask questions.
- You should try to imagine yourself in the other person's shoes.
- Ask fact-based questions (who? what? where? when? how?) to make sure you understand the their point of view.
- Ask exploratory questions (what if? what are you saying? is this the only solution to our problem? what if we did such and such? are there other alternatives to this situation?) to look for possible solutions.
- Avoid accusatory "why" questions (why are you like that?).
- Use your own words to restate what you think the other person means. This is a good way to check if you're on the same page.
- Acknowledge the person’s feelings and perceptions - just because you feel differently doesn't mean that they can't.

5. Seek common ground.
- Is there anything that you agree on?
- Do you have any shared concerns?

6. Request behavior changes only.
- Don’t ask others to change their attitudes.
- Don’t ask them to "feel" differently about something.
- Don’t ask them to "be" different.
- If you want them to “stop doing” something, suggest an alternative action.

We're all in this together, as players and writers! Even if you feel you're right and the other person was completely in the wrong, it's usually a good idea to focus on what happens next. Sometimes, the best resolution is just to move on, and make an effort to communicate more in the future.

7. If all else fails, contact staff.
- Reach out to online staff first. If a staff member is involved in the dispute, reach out to an admin.
- Once contacted, staff will start by acting as a mediator between you and the other player, with the aim of both parties being satisfied with the outcome.
- If the players cannot agree on an outcome, staff may ask one or more parties to compromise, in an effort to reach a resolution.
- Decisions made by staff to resolve a conflict are binding, and may only be appealed to an admin.
- Admin appeals are final, and the parties must act in accordance with them in order to continue playing on Skullport.

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