Suspension Policy

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Suspension Policy

Postby Rhicora Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:41 pm

Here on Skullport, we want to make sure all players have the opportunity to play free of harassment, with conflicts properly negotiated - on a level playing field free of exploits or metagaming. To create this environment, we will sometimes need to be firm about correcting conduct and protecting the community.

Our response to a breach of the Server Rules will take one of these forms:

  • One-time formal warning
  • 1 week temp ban
  • 2 weeks temp ban
  • 1 month temp ban
  • 3 months long-term ban
  • 1 year long-term ban
The actions above may be taken because of a single serious infraction, or because of a series of small infractions that had an overall bad impact on the server. Breaking the same rule that caused a previous response from us will nearly always earn the player a suspension from further down the list. In light of our reform-focused temp ban policy, ban evasion is treated very seriously here. Expect ban length to escalate very fast if we see you playing on another account.

Upon a player suspension, we may disclose that suspension to other players they were involved with so that they can adjust their RP accordingly. What we won't do is go into details or share logs -- please don't ask us to do this.

Staff suspension decisions are always discussed with an admin. If you have been suspended and your suspension length is up, you may message a member of staff with a brief message stating your intentions to follow the rules and conduct yourself well, and we'll allow you back in. It is our approach to treat you like any other player after that; no assumption that you will break the rules again. This policy offers players the opportunity to get better, and we will expect you to take that chance.

Thanks for making this server a great place to play!

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