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Everyone Is Tell Friendly

Postby Rhicora Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:45 am

On other servers, I've seen the phrase "tell friendly" in biographies. Players use it to indicate that they are willing to talk things out on an OOC level, reassure conflict partners that it's not going to be taken out of character, and discuss what each person wants to see out of the story. Conversely, I've seen people argue that tells will ruin other people's immersion, so they refrain from them completely. We take a very clear stance on the pro-tell side.

On this server, everyone is tell-friendly.

You do not need to put this phrase in your biography. It should be common sense that everyone is willing to chat. If you're going to engage in a conflict with another character whose player you don't know well, or you're unsure whether someone fully realizes that your IC slight doesn't mean you hate them OOC, then be wonderful to them and reach out! Reassure the other player that what you want is an interesting feud between your characters, and more than that, you want it to be a collaborative one. Listen to them, so you can learn what they like and don't like in conflict. Communicate early and often.

That doesn't mean tear them down in tells, or accuse them of things. It means collaborate, and move the story forward together.

Tells are love.

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