Alts: No Muling, Meta, or Multiboxing

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Alts: No Muling, Meta, or Multiboxing

Postby Rhicora Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:48 pm

Alt characters are great! They can provide a refreshing change of pace, and we totally support them. We give players great freedom to play as many characters and usernames as they want. However, it's important to handle your alts with care and avoid actions that create an unfair experience for other players. It is our policy that players may not do any of the following with their alts:

- Muling (no items -- transferring items directly or indirectly from one alt to another, providing crafting services to your main)
- Metagaming (no info -- using an alt to provide your main character with information)
- Multiboxing (no assistance -- using an alt simultaneously for any reason, including to assist you in PvE/PvP)

It can be summed up in one rule: your alts do not know each other.

Don't be a weasel about this. If you learn about a faction-mate's need for a crafted item on your main, don't break out of RP to switch to a crafter alt and then back again. That's metagame info that the crafter wouldn't know - remember, your two alts don't even know each other, let alone share info. You'll need to be approached while you're on your crafter in a separate RP session.

Misuse of alts is subject to our Suspension Policy. Thanks for helping us make the server a fairer playing field - and a far more interesting place, where no ally is certain.

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