ERP and Sexualized Characters

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ERP and Sexualized Characters

Postby Rhicora Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:00 pm

Skullport is an immersive high-roleplay server. We have two constituencies here; people who are comfortable with seeing erotic roleplay (ERP) and people who are not. Our aim has always been to strike a balance, favoring sense of immersion and ability to collaborate with others over any particular side of the issue. For those coming from Haven or another social server, making compromises to be respectful to the other half of the playerbase will feel like a fundamental difference. You may need to adjust your playstyle a bit in order to fit in here, or reconsider whether this server is right for you.

This is an adult (18+) server. By registering to play here you understand that you may encounter mature themes, explicit language and violent roleplay. ERP and other sexual roleplay is allowed, but should be kept private and requires OOC consent of players involved. Characters should not be nude in public areas (e.g. the Tradeway, tavern common rooms). All characters will be at or above their race's typical age of maturity.

Our rules are above, but we have a couple other policies worth bearing in mind.

ERP in public areas is never acceptable. Characters should not be nude or performing sex acts in public areas, and we have a very broad definition of public: anywhere you can reasonably expect to see uninvolved passerby. This includes but isn't limited to the Tradeway, tavern common rooms, and the cavern tunnels. We'll treat public ERP as a breach of the rules if we get a player complaint about it. If you're in any doubt about whether the current area is public, find an excuse to take it to an inn room.

ERP-focused characters should be strongly avoided. Everyone in Skullport has a reason to participate in day-to-day public roleplay. If you are spending more time in sex scenes than in the public sphere, please take a moment now to rethink your playstyle. There's nothing wrong with a more social playstyle, but you might be better served by Haven or another social server with a solid reputation.

Sex in work and worship should be played with care. Sharessians, panderers, prostitutes, and some types of slaves need to take particular pains not to become ERP-focused. These character concepts are people first and foremost; they'll have agendas and reasons to be involved in the public sphere of the server. As mentioned above, the majority of their play should consist of nonsexual RP. Plausibility tip: "working characters" are even more likely than everyone else to de-emphasize the sexual side of their life when they aren't working.

Intersex characters should be played with particular care. These characters should never be played for fantasy alone; they are a rarity in the Realms and should be treated that way. Before rolling an intersex character, consider whether that circumstance of birth serves a plot purpose and shapes their background. Understand that other players can be particularly sensitive about seeing them, and be respectful to that sensitivity. We will respond with zero leniency to situations in which an intersex character breaches the public ERP/nudity rule. They are not to use their description to "advertise" and their genitalia should be a private matter.

With all that in mind, we encourage roleplay that fits well into the story - whether it takes a sexual turn or not. Thanks for helping us strike a balance.

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