Conflict: No Rest, No Scry

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Conflict: No Rest, No Scry

Postby Rhicora Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:02 am

We occasionally have extended scenes in which players are at odds with each other. Everything in such a scene progresses in real time.

- You may not Rest during active player conflict, because your character would not have the many hours required to do so.
- You may not use the Scry tool or reveal your location to anyone in tells during active player conflict. This is a particularly egregious form of metagaming which harms other players, who may be trying to conceal the location of the confrontation from others.
- You are highly encouraged to use Anonymous in Scry during active player conflict to prevent other players from breaking the above.
- At any time, it's reasonable to Ask Your Conflict Partners to turn on Anon, and the respectful thing to do in this scenario is to Go Anon.

It's in very poor taste to create advantages for yourself in PvP based on OOC mechanics. Instead, make good decisions as your character - plan ahead and follow closely.

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