Conflict: Don't Destroy Bodies

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Conflict: Don't Destroy Bodies

Postby Rhicora Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:29 pm

Here's a comprehensive list of PvP situations in which you may destroy another PC's body:

- The player whose character you defeated asks for it to be permadeath.

There are no other acceptable reasons to emote a permakill. Chops head, burns body, etc. are roleplay-invalidating emotes that eliminate plausible options for the defeated character to come back. You should not try to corner or pressure other players into choosing perma, through OOC or IC means. We will consider this griefing if we get complaints from the affected player about it.

Instead, consider throwing the body into the sewers, tossing them in the River Sargauth, or just walking away and leaving them for dead. A typical Skulker murderer is not going to understand the details of resurrection. Even if a cleric has explained it all to you in-character, true resurrection is so uncommon here that there's no (non-metagaming) reason to desecrate the remains.

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