Treks with Kelithra'zek

Rumors and happenings in Skullport.
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Treks with Kelithra'zek

Postby Ghandt Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:31 pm

“Damn!” Kelithra’zek forces out through a clenched jaw. Pushing himself upright, he looks upon the red viscous liquid adorned by shattered glass with disgust; There lay a wasted dose of a particularly potent batch of Agony that could have staved off his growing boredom for a few more hours. The initial effects were wearing off, and he had fallen from not grounding himself – like and amateur. Shaking away the dysphoria of falling over, he quickly recalled the reason for such a lapse in judgement: the major artery of the central Tradeway was unusually static, this distraction was enough to make him forget the body could seize up momentarily upon ingestion. Gracefully Kel springs to his feet and looks about. His eyes betray him with a rather tranquil merchant square, though his ears reveal a cacophony of guttural voices nearby. Before investigating, however, he takes a moment to enjoy the extreme euphoria of walking through the vibrant vegetation of the Underdark while inebriated.

Upon further exploration, a clotting of Skulks and other ‘respected’ denizens of Skullport wreathed a couple of Iron Ring Slavers down a minor artery near Herold’s Meet. “DO I HEAR 6000?!” A brutish voice calls out to the crowd. A couple of elf and halfling slaves we’re currently up for auction.
Deftly, Kelithra maneuvers himself to the front of the consolidated crowd to get the best perspective. A tall male thug with ginger hair and standard Iron Ring blackened armor towered over his counterpart, a stout and awkwardly bald female dwarf. Perhaps she despises the stigma that all dwarfs love hair, he thought to himself, as he looks about this new perspective before delving back into the present situation: the slave trade.

Amongst present patrons, the drowess Aredhel, armed with documents to Title, from the original owner Culras, stirs up controversy, by demanding that the slaves be released to her. Kelithra keen ears hone in on a private discussion between the slavers. Kel chimes in “Selling property that isn’t yours is a great way to end up as slaves yourselves. I can only save you from Artemis this once!” He proclaims, knowing full well it would build upon the fear growing within the Dwarf. Honestly, Kel had no power to save anyone from Artemis, that wouldn’t however, stop him from wanting to see how the situation was going to unfold.

Aredhel’s actions upset many within the crowd, particularly a gnoll that was looking for its next meal. Kelithra wanted the scene to play out in a specific way, and he simply did not wish to come between a starving dog and its next meal. Mischievously Kel takes to strumming a soothing melody, and coyly whispering curses to the beast in a language that he had hoped it did not comprehend. It worked, and All the while keeping an analytical eye upon the situation at hand. The fear of enslavement, death, or perhaps both, was enough to eventually bring the more steadfastly rash male slaver around to releasing the slaves into Aredhel's custody. The crowd dispersed shortly after, all but one: Kelithra’zek.

Kelithra’zek Zua’uth watches as Aredhel, now joined by Ysandra, handle the slaves as more than mere property. He found it particularly interesting that Aredhel would order the slaves to follow her to safety -outside- of the city. "Where oh where are you taking them? To The Promenade ... perhaps I should follow to learn more?" He thought to himself, and that’s precisely what he did. As he shadowed the two women through the sewers, without using any means of stealth, Ysandra shouted a warning “We have no need for your shadow, be gone!” Standing there for a moment, Kelithra ponders his options: He knew it wouldn’t be good for him should he have to defend himself against Ysandra and Aredhel. "It's likely they consider me a risk, after all I could be a Lolthite dog," He scoffs at the thought, "but am I really any better than them, after the things I've done?" He asks himself.

The euphoria of the Liquid Pain he ingested earlier was finally coming to an end after several hours. “Damn it, had I not broken that vial earlier … I really should find a better hobby,” he entertains while peering through a tunnel that leads to yet another tunnel within the Winding Caverns. “To hell with it,” He mutters under his breath. “I’ve already gathered more than enough information to make things interesting.” Kel speaks quietly, adding a shrug looking back the way he came, then once more in the direction that Aredhel’s group went. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a small bag which contains crushed red leaves, and doctors a small flask of water, drinking it down.

During his trek home, Kelithra questioned whether he or the drugs had made up his mind. Indecisive in drawing a conclusion, his thoughts turned to a more promising prospect: Viessa Shebali. "What is it about her that’s so captivating?" He ponders. "Perhaps I’ll just haaave to assssssk!” He sings aloud closing it out with a rhythmic humming that's perfectly in synch with his stride. Perhaps she'll have some answers for the many questions he has.

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