"How to fight the army of shadows: By Milly Jenson"

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"How to fight the army of shadows: By Milly Jenson"

Postby Herald of Talos Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:14 pm

~Engraved on a massive lump of rubble near the pillar in the Haunted Apartments, and posted on a public notice board, is a rather simple step-by-step process with no real narrative~

Step 1. Blast the pillar with lightning.
Step 2. Unleash divine, holy light on the pillar.
Step 3. Throw alchemist fire on the pillar.
Step 4. Zap or poke the pillar with a splish splash of negative energy.
Step 5. Ask someone, like a priestess, to beseech the dead (not raise!) for aid in repulsing the shadows.
Step 6. Chant, "Gone is the age of shadow, come is the age of light!" until the shadows recede.
Step 7. Celebrate with some drink!

~ By Milly Jenson

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