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Server Team

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:18 am


There are five broad roles on Skullport, color-coded for your convenience.

  • Admins coordinate main plot, act as the public face of Skullport, and resolve team conflicts.
  • Server Hosts configure our servers, maintain data and logs, and provide ongoing hosting.
  • Storytellers run plotlines, drive story for focus factions, play NPCs in a consistent manner, and handle non-dispute issues.
  • Developers build areas, script systems, handle bug reports, and create new content for the module.
  • Community Managers answer player questions, represent us to the community, moderate forums, and mediate player disputes.

Head Staff consist of the primary Admin and Server Host, plus leaders from the above roles. Head Staff determine broad server direction and deal with internal issues on the team, in addition to all of the responsibilities of a staff member below.

Staff Members are the "full time" members of the team, putting the majority of their on-server time into helping improve the module and write stories. Their commitment means they can usually be counted on to be around for players, and their voices help guide the decisions of the team.

Contributors work "part time" on a wide range of one-time projects, from area design and scripting to lore and Discord moderation. All new team members start out as contributors to avoid any sense of pressure and determine whether it's a good fit. The contributor role comes with no special expectations for time commitment - so it's a good way to help out with the project while still being a player.

Team List

A full list of team members can be found here:

The Team

If you're interested in contributing to Skullport, reach out to a staff member. For Storyteller applications, we've got a form you can fill out.

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