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Server Update Log (OLD)

Postby Occupant Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:20 am

Previous Updates from Old Forum

- Added several new appearances to the appearance changer
- Fixed an issue where a specific cloak was causing some players to crash
- Fixed bonus XP spend rates
- Disabled mechanical light blindness for drow (DMs will handle all surface events, and won't let you off with something so easy as a -1 to everything)
- Removed the Daylight Adaptation feat. Anyone who took the Daylight Adaptation feat qualifies for a full rebuild to remove it.

- Disable daily bonus XP reset - you should always save some BXP for off-peak hours
- Buffed Goblins to CR 12
- Disabled Lion of Tailsid
- Add corrected Shaman spell slots
- Modified bare gloves
- Reduced max sell gold to 500 to combat inflation
- Remove mechanical light blindness from Drow / Orcs, DMs will handle this during surface events
- Kobold Halls are now CR 8

- Fixed Promenade Archer, Female hairs
- Fixed Qilue's outfit, alignment, stats
- Removed static Qilue from Shrine of Eilistraee
- Fixed Shrine of Eilsitraee display name
- Added leather bags to Zilzaven's shop
- Added Gloves +1 to weapon smith
- Added some lanterns to Skulker npcs
- Add Missing Essences
- CR 12 Goblins for Goblin Warren adjusted to CR 12 balancing
- CR 10 Kobolds adjusted to CR 10 balancing
- CR 9 Spider Cave adjusted closer to CR 9 balance, including adjustment of Broodmother boss
- Festwards exit from haunted apartments now exit only (No back door to easy chests)

- Fixed a gold exploit
- Lowered buyback rate, the cartel of pawn merchants is now price fixing at 500gp
- CR 3 Oozes adjusted
- Fixed Alchemist Crafting for some Essence Types
- Told Addessa to keep her voice down
- Adjusted CR 12 Goblins
- Lion of Talisid still removed
- Reduced the weight on the remaining Mockup Items
- Reduced lantern radius on Skulkers

- Fixed buyback rate on stores
- Monk AC at level 2.
- Corrected a few mistakes in the tlk.
- Level 1-2 now gives 150% XP
- Fixed Essence Blueprints
- Fixed 1000 Gold Buyback for Victor
- Other shop related fixes

- Adjusted trade sewer area (New rest point)
- Adjusted the flooded cavern with a couple more chests, and increased the spawn rate of mobs a little
- Fixed Spider Cave boss issue where it was not spawning
- Remove Shades scroll from loot table
- Ancient Ruin area adjusted slightly due to walkable area issues (May not fix as that tileset is known to have such issues)
- CR 3 oozes changed in terms of appearance and sizes
- Tileset Merged for Interior Expansions
- Made the CR 2 vermin spawns a little bit more interesting
- Expanded the CR 2 vermin to another area Black Tankard Basement (since people are spending more time at lower levels, I think the small Port Sewer area is a little limited for adventuring)
- Server description updated (Thanks for the reminder Moonsaves)
- Added a warehouse interior for flavour (DM events and such linked to Skull Island South)

- Added a warehouse interior for flavour (DM events and such linked to Skull Island South)
- Removed Thunderbeast Axe from Aathion's shop
- Moved alchemical goods (alch fire, acid, holy water, etc) from Zil'zaven's shop to Joselyn's shop.
- The Thrown Gauntlet arena made generic, removed traps.
- Adjusted one of the Kobolds and one of the goblins Increased chances of a Champ spawning in Sunken Catacombs
- Add Sif
- Entry Adjusted xp
- Adjusted high-level progression: 10-13 reduced from 30% to 10%
- Adjusted high-level progression: 14-15 reduced from 20% to 5%
- Removed Lion of Talisid for real this time
- Start new Creature Hak For Trinny Stuff
- Some Custom VFX / Textures for glass and fish tanks
- Restored elven helmet models for armor category 17 (ACME)
- Compressed and resized large images in armor category 17 for performance, size and stability

- Made the Character Refunder into Sif
- Reclassified all newly dropped Bracers as Gloves
- Redesigned OOC Interior
- RCR redone, it is now 50% instant refund, 50% BXP
- Added 3 new bearded dwarf heads
- Fixed some broken/overlapping doors
- Moved 18+ content vendor to OOC room
- Lion of Talisid still gone

- Flooded Cavern area updated with some new features

- Added invisible placeable for DMs
- Optimized Clothing textures
- Optimized Fullplate textures
- Restored missing elven fullplate helmets
- Added a new storage system

- Fixed Armor For Tellers
- Added a couple of loot containers to "Deep Sewer" to compensate for the frustrating one
- No Revealing Items on Skill Rolls
- Removed Disarm from some creatures
- Kobold and Goblin "Champion" level creatures rebalanced

- Drow NPCs updated to fix head/hair
- Tlk updated with fix to Child of Night description
- Kobolds, Goblins slightly adjusted again. Should be more interesting now
- Doors in Beetles, Split Tunnels and Trade Sewer plot
- No More Revealing Unidentified Items through Rename Tool

Loot 2.0 System!
- Introduced Minor Magic Items (Green), Have a 50% chance to roll on Mundane Items and contain only 1 minor enchant.
- Major Magic Items (Now Blue) Remain the same as before and have Major Enchant + Possible Minor Enchant.
- Legendaries no longer spawn on Merchants
- Decreased Amount of Potion Spawn

- Stop copying Item Properties to Cloned BP of Lantern (Essentially Doubling up IP's)
- Fix Bugged Lanterns OnPCLoad
(Removes Any Existing Lanterns and Replaces with a proper one that you can't stack AC on)
- Update Tempest TLK Entry (Only needs TWF)
- Further adjustments to the kobolds and goblins

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