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Server Introduction

Postby Rhicora Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:49 am

The City of Skullport is situated directly below Waterdeep, in the Upper Underdark - an extensive and labyrinthine network of mazes and tunnels beneath Faerun. It is a city of rogues and thieves, of murderers and unscrupulous merchants, where profit takes precedence over morals and intelligent creatures of all kinds are traded like cattle. It is a place of boundless profit and ambition; it is a place of infinite danger where aspirations are cut short and lives ended in an instant - and above it all, eldritch and empty eyes survey the spiraling sprawl below.

What is Skullport?

Skullport is a heavy-roleplay enviroment based in its namesake city, the gateway to the Underdark. It's designed with narrativist, long-form roleplayers in mind. We are a world meant for characters who want to have a hand in creating new guilds, steer the existing powers of the city, and build up the rich story of the world around them. Skullport is a vibrant canvas on which to draw; a place bound by the informal push and pull of of influence rather than the rule of law. More on the setting...

Who are the staff?

We've assembled a new team, sourced from the heavy-RP community of Neverwinter Nights 2. We have brought together developers (scripters, area builders), DMs (storytellers and creators of faction plot), and community managers (staff dedicated to mediation and moderation). In most cases, these roles won't overlap - you might have DMs working with a pair of factions that are in open conflict, but an impartial community manager would resolve any disputes that arise from the war. The team is heavily informed by community feedback, but we recognize there are times when we need to make quick decisions and move forward. Our current staff list ...

How does conflict work?

The evil-aligned characters you'd expect to find in Skullport will face stiff competition, while goodly characters will encounter adversity at every turn. The very atmosphere of Skullport lends itself to conflict, and we believe all good stories contain some form of it. At the same time, we believe in the ability of our players to look beyond the killing blow, and view the other player as a partner in storytelling. We expect you to communicate out of character and find a mutually agreeable outcome, even if your characters loathe one another. More on how we resolve OOC conflicts...

How does the module work?

The module is based on files from Port of Shadows, a previous persistent world. Veteran players familiar with the old server will be able to return to familiar locations, but they'll notice Skullport runs on an E15 system. This means characters will level up from 1 to 15, then receive additional small perks and bonuses from that point on, instead of advancing to the epic levels. By narrowing the variation in levels, we put characters on a more even playing field, and allow DMs to create challenges suitable to the party's level. More on the changes from Port of Shadows...

How do I sign up?

The server's still under development, but you can set up a forum account now and keep an eye on the progress we're making. You'll also be able to join our Discord to chat with the pre-launch community. We'll be posting updates as we build, and we should have a launch timeline for you soon. On behalf of the new team, welcome to Skullport. We're excited to see what stories you'll tell.

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