Tales of Amn/Tyrants of the Moonsea areas

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Tales of Amn/Tyrants of the Moonsea areas

Postby deserk Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:04 pm

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you had considered uploading what you made for those two PWs onto the Neverwinter Vault? There were quite a large amount of well made areas made in those PWs, and personally one thing I hate to see is good work gone to waste forever e.g. from reinstalling Window or changing hard drives, etc. Would be a good idea to back it up somewhere
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Re: Tales of Amn/Tyrants of the Moonsea areas

Postby SteelStallion Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:11 pm

I don't really mind. TotM was entirely created by myself and Neil, but ToA has some areas that LiS contributed to and I don't know if I have their permission to upload it all.

Anyway I don't have my totm folder anymore as it was taking up space, I think Neil probably has it around.

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