On Yathrin Ascension Rituals

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On Yathrin Ascension Rituals

Postby Rhicora Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:03 pm

Apparently, I now have to write a post about whether Lolthite priestesses have sex with demons when they become Yathrin.

- It is canon in Menzoberranzan. In novels and sourcebooks, this rite is said to happen in the Arach-Tinilith, where every priestess in Menzoberranzan is educated.
- It's noncanon elsewhere. There isn't source material to say it is a standard occurance outside of Menzoberranzan. Skullport is far outside traditional reach.
- None of you arrive as Yathrin. Your priestess starts at a low level and has not completed the Arach-Tinilith. They still need to be recognized by the local Lolthite Houses.
- Your character doesn't have to approve. She might find it barbaric. It might be the very reason she's finishing her Lolthite ascension here.

What this means for your priestess is that she shouldn't expect her ascension ritual to follow Menzoberranzan's tradition, and it has yet to happen. She won't be high-powered enough to have this ritual in her backstory, though if she comes from Menzoberranzan she might have witnessed it before.

If you are a member of House Lysaen and wish to be recognized as Yathrin through their shrine, send in a Plot Actions ticket.

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