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This serves as Skullport's policy on warlocks. Notable things we'll expect you to remember:
  • You will need to select a Warlock patron from the list above.
  • Your pact holder is a servant of your patron. It will be the owner of your character's soul upon his/her eventual death.
  • Your patron controls the realm to which your character's soul goes after death.
  • If you inherited your pact powers, you also inherited the debt of your soul ("and your firstborn child").
  • It is possible to have your soul released to the patron you had before your soul was sworn away, but this will not be easy.
  • Your pact holder ("a Marilith of Graz'zt" or "a pit fiend") should be named and described in detail in a secret bio so DMs can start plots for you.


A great number of Warlocks are champions of dark and chaotic powers, and as such Warlocks are always Chaotic or Evil in alignment (and often both). Warlocks can manifest odd and sinister powers through shear force of will, utilising the dark font of magic burning within their souls.

Warlocks always obtain their powers through a pact with some powerful extraplanar being or deity, usually through some servant that acts as a middleman, for these beings have little time for the fate of individual mortal souls. The more Lawful-aligned beings (Infernal) will attempt contracts and strict terms which may seem fair at first, though are typically skewed in their own favour through hidden clauses or questionable wording. Those of a Chaotic (Abyssal/Fey) temperament are arguably worse, for obtaining such power from them comes with riding the eddies of their ever-changing whims. These deals are not merely restricted to the mortal making the deal, and often the resulting benefits (as well as debt) can be inherited by ancestors long after the original pactee is dead and their own soul claimed.

Warlocks on this server are required to select a patron from the deity list specific to the Warlock class, which are as follows:

- Lolth, the Spider Queen (Abyssal/Drow) - The ruler of the Drow pantheon (known also as the Dark Seldarine), the goddess known formerly as the elven deity Araushnee was turned into a Tanar'ri and cast down into the Abyss after her betrayal of the Elven gods, where she took over the 66th layer of the Abyss, known as the Demonweb Pits. From here she plotted and schemed, eventually amassing enough followers to become a deity once more and coming to dominate the Drow as their most powerful deity. Lolth is a capricious goddess, who revels in the chaos caused by the infighting of the Drow race, and fosters it wherever possible, both to keep the Drow strong by weeding out the weak of body and mind, and for her own amusement.

- Graz'zt, the Dark Prince (Abyssal) - The beguiling and corrupting Dark Prince is the lord of three layers of the Abyss, collectively known as Azzagrat. A handsome creature always depicted as dressing in the finest clothes, Graz'zt is manipulating and cunning, and acts of seduction on the part of his followers are his favourite. Graz'zt pays more attention to the mortal realms than most of his fellow Tanar'ri, through his vast network of spies. He is fond of trading favours with mortals, often in the form of immediate gifts that he can return for services to be demanded later. His cults are largely led by female priests, and the faith celebrate the Dark Prince in dark and secluded places of worship, where blood sacrifice, orgies, and other acts of debauchery take place.

- Demogorgon, Prince of Demons (Abyssal) - A nightmarish creature, for many years Demogorgon has been the strongest among the demon lords, though both Graz'zt and Orcus contest this title, and he is in continuous conflict with them both. He is the lord of the 88th layer of the Abyss, a place of swooping, winged creatures and undersea monstrosities alike. Both of his bestial, hyena-like heads have a different personality, constantly in conflict with one another, and have their own ambitions and even names - Aameul and Hethradiah. Demogorgon maintains a cult larger than most of his bretheren, swelled with the ranks of evil aquatic creatures, as well as cruel and opportunistic humans.

- Mephistopheles, the Cold Lord (Infernal) - Having held a great deal of power for some time, Mephistopheles has become completely immune to cold after uncountable years of tolerating the freezing wastes of his realm. He rules the frigid landscape of the Eighth Circle of the Hells, Cania. The Archdevil attempts a thin attempt at civility and politeness at first, though he is quick to fire into a boiling rage when difficulties present themselves. His own citadel at the heart of his realm, Mephistar, is a burning heart in the centre of the cold, brightly blazing with Mephistopheles' own powerful invention of Hellfire, a corrupt form of fire energy that taps into the power of the very plane itself. Mephistopheles is much more overt and lacking in subtlty than his rivals, preferring dramatic and immediate action. His cult remains small, to his consternation, as many mortals do not realise that there is a difference between him and the ruler of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus. Nevertheless, the Cold Lord adores being worshiped as a god, and has begun to bargain away his Hellfire to mortals willing to accept his terms, and gladly accepts sacrifices to his glory in the form of charred corpses.

- Mammon, the Lord of Avarice (Infernal) - Power-hungry to the extreme, Mammon is the epitome of greed and lust, taken to disgusting levels. He rules over the Third Circle of the Hells, knowns as Minauros, though his boundless greed means that he cares little for what he already owns, and he is ever looking outward to the dominions of his rival Archdevils. He is depicted as a snake-like humanoid, possessing the lower body of a serpent and a muscular torso with two arms. In his bid for more power, Mammon is ever-ready to subvert mortals to his worship, seeking veneration in the form of acts of selfishness and betrayal for personal gain.

- The Queen of Air and Darkness (Fey) - A malignant and twisted Archfey, whatever good remained of the being now known only as the Queen of Air and Darkness has long been warped into a soulless husk, now seeking only to undo everything that she once was. Evil fairies, enslaved elven servitors, rotting walking corpses, drooling hellhounds and more nightmarish horrors await her command. Though she mainly subverts the forests and their wildlife above into a dark parody of themselves, she seeks to drive the sylvan races down into darkness and destruction, leaving only a husk of their former selves remaining. The Queen of Air and Darkness is blamed with the creation of all evil fey races, including quicklings, forlarrens and spriggans.

This deity is your patron, and the owner of your character's soul upon his/her eventual death. Your character is free to worship whatever other deities in whatever capacity that they see fit, but your patron will remain on your character sheet. At this time, alternate pact patrons are not being considered for warlocks. Blackguards may optionally choose one of the patrons on this list, but won't be restricted to them. If they do, they may be involved in DM events relating to evil pacts

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