Yegissin Wendrak - Earth Gensai - reposted

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Yegissin Wendrak - Earth Gensai - reposted

Postby Bazeal Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:44 pm

Name: Yegissin Wendrak
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Gensai

Slightover 6 ft tall and of medium build. Perfectly smooth skin the colour of blue/grey slate with the most obvious feature betraying his heritage being a rocky crown of stone atop his head which sometimes sparkles if the light hits it right. His hands and feet tiped with stone like tallons cracked and fraying with wear. Despite is rock like form he seems light of his feet and quick with his hands.

Yeggissin left his clan of nomadic underdark wanderers to persue his own peronal interests. While traditional interests of honer, glory and making a name for himself / his family hold little interest for Yegissin, treasures and Dark secrets on the other hand most certainly do interest him. Content for now to be somebody elses tool, after all this game of intrigue and betrayal in Skullport has only just begun.

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