Tarl Hollow - Male Human - Guardsman

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Tarl Hollow - Male Human - Guardsman

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Name Tarl "Hollow" Lochwalde
Gender Male
Race Human (Illuskan)

Height 6ft 2in
Build: Tarl has the body of a fighter. He's athletic and muscular, but it's manifested as bulk. He is neither veiny nor ropey like some men who haven't a sliver of fat on their bones.
Armored: The man before you is clad in a suit of heavy plate armor. The armor itself is well maintained and painted or polished based on the current aesthetic he's adopted. Regardless of the overall painting on the armor, there is always a prominently displayed badge attached to the chest plate bearing the symbol of a stylized boar's head. The man keeps to a fairly military style. His hair is always kept at a short length and combed without products or dyes. He shaves regularly enough to keep a beard at bay, but not enough to avoid a light stubble. His eyes are an earthy brown and edged with crow's feet and dark lashes, with low bushy eyebrows crowning them. A single silvery line is visible on his chin, cutting a diagonal from the lower left to the edge of his lips to the right, obscured slightly by his stubble.

Unclothed: Without the cover of attire, a series of tattoos are revealed. The man's left pectoral is covered in a block of inked text an excerpt of which is as follows "...may he of the Unsleeping Eyes gaze in fondness upon us, and grant us this day the vigilance of his tireless sentry..." other words within the block of text are larger and more bold, stylized in the fashion of an illuminated text, such words are "Vigilance" and "Duty" and "Unyielding" among others. The text, judging by the theme, has clearly been pulled by a Helmite prayer-book. Upon the top of his right foot and extending up and over his shin and around his calf is tattoo'd in black and grey shading a gnarled tree with it's roots extending to his toes and it's withered branches reaching up and encapsulated most his his leg beneath the knee. (Inspiration below, something like that!)
His other leg is covered in tattoos of what appear to be a school of fish, though some are mere skeletons interspersed among the living fish. Those familiar with the lakes north of the Spine of the World, would recognize the fish as Knucklehead Trout. When looking at his back a prominent set of tattoo's stand out on the back of his right shoulder. Three symbols stand clearly. Two are crests, and the third, the Eye'd Gauntlet of Helm. The triad of tattoos are aranged in a loose upside down triangle, with the gauntlet of Helm as the lower pinnacle beneath the crest of House Hawkwinter on the left, and the crest of the city of Waterdeep on the right.

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Tarl is not known for his cheerful and upbeat demeanor. Often his seen as dour and dry. Many have described his range of expression to be reminiscent of the range of emotions a man goes through upon sucking a lemon for the first time. He has what is colloquially referred to as "Resting Bitch Face." When content, or simply not unhappy, Tarl's lips form a flat line beneath his deepset eyes. When the occasion arises that he don's a scowl, he is likely at his most expressive. His lips form a tight downward arch and pale to a bloodless hue. His eyes will narrow accentuating the crow's feet in the corners and the dark circles in their deep setting. His brow comes together forming a wrinkled crease. When he smiles, which is not often, it's a weak thing. His lips might curl upward briefly though the look often comes off as sarcastic or mocking. While Tarl is not an unhappy man, and his smile may be genuine, he is simply not comfortable with it.

PvP Consent Usually, if the RP justifies it
DM PermaDeath Always

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