Ander Goodman - Male Human - Paladin of Bahamut

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Ander Goodman - Male Human - Paladin of Bahamut

Postby khaevil Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:38 pm

Interested in this campaign concept? Look in this thread.

This is more of a plot line discussion at this point. I'll make a backstory as it solidifies. Tarimar is a character that is an extra for Vlon'riia, this one could be the protagonist for the sort of story I'm interested in. I prefer a good adventure over political intrigue and I feel this one motivates adventure.

Paladin of Bahamut. I saw it was an option here, and though it's a weird place for a follower of Bahamut to be during the Year of Rogue Dragons, I thought it might be interesting. He opposes the Cult of the Dragon and the Church of Tiamat. I think of it a bit like the army of the dead in Game of Thrones, where the realm is bickering over trivialities while an undead army is about to come kill them all.

Other issues, like slavery, are important to him. Defending the weak is one of the tenants of Bahamut, technically lesser races since it's mostly a church for dragons. However, he is on a far more important mission, one where he's trying to prevent the entire world from being subjugated by dracoliches and the Cult of the Dragon, or Tiamat killing all the other gods and exerting draconic mastery over all the other races as slaves.

He can't risk his mission because he decided to rescue a few slaves — who will just die or serve new masters, along with everyone else, should the cause fail. While he's still going to act honorably to the maximum extent reasonable, and try to help those in need when he can reasonably do so without risk to his mission, he needs to mostly keep his head down and stay out of local issues. He's there for a far more important reason.

Assuming the server specific lore hasn't changed anything, this is what I see as relevent:

Bahamut has just recently escaped his prison, this paladin would be one of very few human followers at this point. Ander should have been somehow acquainted with a metallic dragon to have been introduced to the religion, a detail I'll include later. On hearing about what is at stake in the coming years, he devotes his life to defend the continued freedom of men by joining the side of Bahamut.

The Dracorage started on 1 Hammer, (Janurary 1st) and will end on Nightal 6 (December 6th). The previous Dracorages were caused by the King Killer Star, only those dragons where the comet could be seen were affected and it lasted for ten days. This one is different, it is caused by a lich with which I expect no direct involvement as those events are happening on the surface.

I'm not sure what happens to the deep dragons. Since the Dracorage is usually from the King Killer Star I suspect many dragons may try to hide deep underground to avoid the effect. Which could mean there are a bunch of dragons that managed to take refuge in the Upperdark. That's his working theory regardless of if it ends up being correct, and the reason for his presence in Skullport.

Reasonable story ideas could be finding dragons hiding out from the Dracorage, if my previous assumption is correct. He could assist them while they avoid the effects of the Dracorage and try to sway them to Bahamut's side in the Turning of the Great Cycle. Seeing as the Cult of the Dragon is trying to force them to either become undead servants or go insane, it seems if there's ever an opportunity to sway an evil dragon this is it.

There should be a bunch of unattended eggs right now, and trying to recover eggs should be of great importance. If he manages to find a dragon he could relay a message to the church to aid them in recovering eggs before the Cult of the Dragon gets to them.

An evil dragon that will only reveal the location of its lair on the condition the egg is brought to them could be an interesting moral dilemma for a paladin. I'd love to play a paladin that fell because he made what he believed so fervently was the right decision he broke a vow, but since it went against his patron deity he lost his divine powers. Most fallen paladin stories seem more like they never should have been a paladin in the first place. Since his real motivation is to protect humans, while the Church of Bahamut is largely a dragon church with draconic motives, it seems a good opportunity for some major moral conflict with a paladin oath that isn't junk.

Depending on the dragon, perhaps he'll try to raise a force to slay it. But, he will never be some dragon slaying badass that solos even a young black dragon. I find stories involving such characters boring and want to treat dragons as incredibly dangerous regardless of the mechanical abilities of the character.

If anyone else is interested in this sort of plot line, and isn't going to treat dragons like loot pinatas, let me know.

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