Zander Fogvale - Male Halfling - Wizard's Apprentice

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Zander Fogvale - Male Halfling - Wizard's Apprentice

Postby mf_hansen Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:33 pm

Physical Description: The halfling is not much to look at, apart from pale skin due to health problems or a lack of sun. His speech is quick, accompanied by drumming fingers and squinted eyes, occasionally staring off into the far distance. Has brown eyes and dark hair, often in a ponytail. Wears chain shirt with dark leather pouches overtop holding tools and scrolls, and a sword on the hip.

Personality Profiling: IxTp Architect/Crafter (e.g. Sherlock Holmes, Batman, Jason Bourne, Geralt of Rivia) is analytical, imaginative, openminded, enthusiastic, objective, straightforward but also private, insensitive, absentminded, condescending, ignoresrules, selfdoubting. Only makes friends of a few intellectual colleagues, and tends to put aside romance and feelings to focus on work projects.

Published Backstory: Has a trapper father and teacher mother from Esmeltaran in Amn. Studied engineering in Athkatla before Sothillisian Empire ogres captured Esmeltaran and parents. Signed contract with a wizard to rescue the parents and a few neighbors, but must now work for the wizard in Skullport for a number of years, collecting magical reagents and assisting with basic spells.

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