Ghuan'fryn - Male Drow - Marksman (Updated: 9/11/2017)

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Ghuan'fryn - Male Drow - Marksman (Updated: 9/11/2017)

Postby Yiska Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:02 pm

Name: Ghuan'fryn (Unlucky Champion)
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Age: 230~240
Height: 5'4"
Build: Athletic

Physical Description
Ghuan'fryn stands at 5'4" in height, sculpts an athletic build honed through travel, and otherwise lacks much of the grace that the privileged of his breed often bare. He is a downtrodden shebali, and bares the classical hallmarks of his race. His smooth black flesh is blemished with smatterings of dirt and grime that accumulated on him at some point between the present and his last bath. He otherwise possesses a white mane, cleaved short and left in an unkempt tangle, from which his crimson eyes peer through and glimmer with a predacious glow in the darkness.

As of recent, he has taken to dressing himself in ramshackle armor consisting of an amalgamation of metal scales, leather and rusted chains. He carries a shoddy longbow across his back, and wears a quiver upon his right hip.

Personality Profile
He carries with him an apparent distrust for those of higher social stature in drow society, though otherwise conducts himself with a neutral demeanor. His hatred is slow to kindle, and is most often reserved for acolytes of Ghaunadaur. As many are in Skullport, Ghuan is often motivated where coin is involved, though is also not against following his whims at any given moment.

Biography (In Short)
Ghuan'fryn was once a mercenary working out of Llurth Dreir, in the time after Lolth had forsaken the drow settlement. He fell into arms with the cult of Eilistraee during the power struggle that came after The Spider Queen's departure, and took the faith to heart under the guidance of a priestess named Elvan'afay who he eventually formed a romantic bond with. Despite their best efforts given, the cult of Ghaundaur became prominent, the growth of his faith spurred by the presence of The Elder Eye's avatar in the cavernous wilderness surrounding the settlement, and those wishing to garner favor with the deity through acts of sacrifice. The sect of Eilistraee that Ghuan'fryn belonged to became victim in large part to the struggle, and in the end fell apart when their leading priestess was sacrificed at the altar of Ghaundaur.

His future taken from him, Ghuan'fryn would come to abandon Llurth Dreir after the event, following an act of revenge that saw several of his last remaining comrades murdered, and a handful of Ghaundaur's acolytes killed. He now resides in The Port of Shadows, seeking out the elusive Promenade of the Dark Maiden.

Plot Hooks
1) Ghuan'fryn migrated to Skullport from Llurth Dreir, a drow settlement that has been forsaken by Lolth. Prior to his departure, he murdered several faithful of Ghaunadaur in an act of revenge. This could come back to haunt him.
2) He is not above mercenary work, or even free work under very particular conditions.
3) He has a tendency to drink, and it wouldn't be out of character for him to wake up in a shoddy situation after a night of indulgence.

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