Geltarm - Male Drow - Cleric

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Geltarm - Male Drow - Cleric

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Name: Geltarm
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Physical Description:
Geltarm has blood-red eyes and sharp, mature features. Scars of battle and torture, born of whip and blade, mar the surface of his face and shaved skull. He wears the scarlet robes of the Selvetargtlin, reinforced with plate and worn over chain. At his neck on a silver chain is a platinum disk, embossed on both sides with the symbol of Selvetarm - a crossed mace and sword overlaid by a black spider. He also carries a black longsword upon his back, the pommel of which is also embossed with the symbol of Selvetarm on one side, and that of Lolth on the other.

Geltarm is a soldier, trained for war and death, and fanatically devoted to Selvetarm and his mistress Lolth. His demeanor is dire and serious, respectful only to his superiors and those he views as similarly fanatical. As Selvetargtlin, he thirsts for battle, and long decades of training and awaiting true war has made him eager and impatient for that time to come.

Timeline (WIP):
- Born under a different name in Eryndlyn, third son to a Lolthite mother.
- House is destroyed by rivals before Geltarm was to be sacrificed.
- He adopts the faith of Selvetarm and takes the name Geltarm after Selvetarm's avatar rages through the streets of Eryndlyn.
- Arrives in Skullport to bolster forces against the Promenade.

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