Lin the Stret Rat

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Lin the Stret Rat

Postby Shadowcraft Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:47 am

Lin is rather unremarkable really, the daughter of a whore she ended up in the old orphanage till he was around twelve where like so menay others she fell in with the wrong crowd, she ended up working for one of the old local gangs, and the romantic pitch of gang life with sll the riches, was far from what she actually got, she was tasked with the production of the drugs the gang was peddling back then, as well as taking shifts in hitting the market with the other street rats and lifting purses and picking pockets, and when her talent for popping locks and disarming traps became apparent she was often taken to houses to open them up, but never got to go inside herself, normally given the boring task of being a look out.

But as the months passed a gang war started to loom around the corner as a rival gang pushing their own brand of drugs started to attempt to steal customers and target the labs where the stuff Lin an the others worked, it was all too soon that Lin and the other mixers were under lock an key and guard, for their own protection of course, which while Lin thought was trure, she just suspected they wanted to ensure none of their mixers took this change to switch to the other team and take their secrets an recipes with with.

As most things that are born out of conflict do in skull port, it continued to boil over for a while, neither side wanting to do something too big an risk invoking the wraith of the skulls, but that was before, those damn adventurers got involved.... Lin never found out the name of the one that started setting the warehouses and labs on fire, but that was the last strew, there was no way in hell she would risk being trapped and cooked alive, and so out of a window and back into the streets she went!

As the years passed by, Lin learned that the streets were both oppressive as fuck if you one living in them, but also game with rich rewards if you were willing to take the risks. After her last run in with gang life, she decided to work alone, slipping into the markets, and robbing what she could, she was always careful to go for the easy marks, ones that were often distracted or in heavy armor, and even then she only ever aimed to take a small amount. This helped her get by, was fast cash but with high risk if you got caught in public, the types of jobs she love the most were burglary, took along time to scope out a place, and learn what the owners does day to day, and even then you were not always sure it would be a big pay out, but you could at lest steal the clothes, food and stuff you needed to get by.

But then she got caught... in the most foolish way possible...

When she was out and about in the market place, picking pockets she was caught... not by her intended mark... no but by someone wondering down the damn road... it had been clear a moment ago but that did not seem to matter, two of her past marks likely feeling light in the purse, caught her, hands out reaching for the pouch of a wage seemingly lost in his book, talk about being caught with your damn hand in the cookie jar...

Lin attemtped to flee of course, never was a fighter, and her knowledge of the streets gave her an edge, darting into the back allies she dodged and weaved down one and then the other, thinking she had lost them as she hide behind some plants.... and then that hand grabbed her by the scruff of the damn neck... bound an gagged, Lin was tossed over a mans shoulder and carried away from the market place... to what fate?

The Iron Ring on the mans belt hinted to a rather dark one... But Lin is patent... very patent and a damn quick learner.. perhaps in time, the streets will be her playground again.....

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