Drafer Moss

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Drafer Moss

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It was just a normal day on her farm Drafer was a hin she stood at 2ft 6inc with short bright auburn hair brown eyes and a warm smile. She might have been a farm girl at heart but she always took great pride in her appearance. Drafer took to starting her duty's for the day she would feed the chickens water the crops and often help her younger brother Perin pick any of the fruit that had ripened. Once all her chores had been done she would always go exploring some times her adventures would take her to Daggerford. After all her farm was just a short distance from the small town. Every night after the family had sat down for a meal she would take her younger brother Perin to bed and tell him story's of the adventures she had whilst out exploring. As often happens her story ran long into the night. She got her self ready for bed her eyes heavy she started to drift off. Suddenly Drafer awoken to loud noise's coming from out side and the sound of breaking wood. Slowly she crept to the window looking to see what all the commotion was a group of around six well armed black robed figures could be seen. One of them had charged down the door and was making his way inside suddenly Drafer's father sprung out of the shadows two daggers in hand. He sunk the cold hard steel of the blades deep into the chest of the first robed man he fell to the floor blood pumping from the wound. The other men charged at Drafer's father he dodged an incoming blow from a long sword. Only to be struck in the back with a hand axe her father let out a scream of agony as he fell to the floor. Drafer wanted to scream but knew that it would alert them to her position she withdrew from the window and started to make her way to the door she could hear voice coming from with in the house. A loud scream could be heard it was the sound of her mother the voices grew louder as the men started to approach. Drafer had no choice she had to hide she made her way back over to the window and looked out side all she could see was her father and mother both dead on the floor. She froze for a moment struck with grief which soon changed to anger they would pay for what they had done to her family she thought to her self. She fled into the surrounding forest to hide the thoughts of her brother always on her mind tears started to roll down her face as the events that had unfolded began to sink in she had lost her mother and father and the condition of her brother was still unknown. Several hours must have passed before she made her way back to her home the body's of her family and the robed man still lay in the claret soaked ground. Composing her self she entered her home splinters from the door littered the floor making her way to her brothers room mixed emotions started to build after the sights she had seen outside. Entering her brothers room she looked around her brother was not there had he been lucky had he managed to hide like she did. She rushed back outside to the bloody carnage of her parents she wanted to bury them but time was of the essence. What if her brother had go to Daggerford to seek aid she quickly gathered a few things from her room and swore to her parents that she would find her brother no matter what it takes. Just as she was about to set off something on the black robed man caught her eye it was a bloody parchment she picked it up and placed it in her backpack setting off at speed. It took around 15 minutes to get to Daggerford by now she was panting and out of breath speaking to the local guards asking if any one had seen her brother the guards knew nothing of his location. After telling the guards what had gone on at her farm they vowed to send search party's out to find her brother and warn other farms as to what had happened. Still not sure what to do next she thought it best to arm her self she had never used a weapon save for a sickle on the farm when it was time to harvest. Drafer did have skill with a sling Drafer and her brother would often shot the scarecrow in the field. Making her way thought Daggerford she headed towards one of the smiths her father often traded with a dwarven smith by the name of Relmar. By now it was almost noon the following day she entered Relmar's shop Relmar greeted her as he often did but he knew something was wrong. Tears started to fall from Drafer's face she was tired and scared and worst of all she had no idea where her brother might be. Relmar tried to comfort Drafer as best he could she told him what had happened. It was the longest ten minutes or so of her life as she told Relmar about the events reliving every moment breaking down in tears more then once. Relmar then asked her if she had any idea who the men had been she had no idea then it dawned on her she had found a parchment. She pulled the blood soaked parchment from her pocket the blood was dry by now and most of the parchment was unreadable. The only thing she could make out was a large iron ring. Having no idea what it was she handed the parchment to Relmar his face dropped as he saw it. He knew what the ring was I fear your brother is either dead or he might wish he was. What do you know Drafer demanded to know what Relmar knew he was reluctant to tell her. Knowing full well it would put Drafer in grave danger he spoke of Skullport and of the Iron ring. After hearing everything Relmar told her she gathered her things and was about to leave. Relmar knew it would have been useless to stop her so he gave her what little he could. Now armed and with at lest some small chance of finding her brother Drafer began her long journey.

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