Maja - Female Drow - Fighter

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Maja - Female Drow - Fighter

Postby Max Hatchet Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:45 am

Name: Maja (pronounced with a soft 'j')
Race: Drow
Class: Fighter/Weapon Master
Age: 155
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Lolth
Birthplace: Menzoberranzan


Physical description: A very strong looking, lean and long female drow. Of average looks. Her body is quite bruised and a little scarred from battles and adventures. Her hair is cut simply, long and straight. A linguist or native of Menzoberranzan might detect that she originally comes from the slums of that city but has adopted a more middle class or average accent. Sometimes when relaxed she will drop this affectation and her roots will come thro with liberal use of swearwords.
Usually armoured in full plate, armed with bastard sword and long bow and shield. Sometimes in a black dress but still with her sword on her hip. Grey cloaked and hooded.

Outward manner: Pretty much always calm and measured in manner. Neutral of tone. Carries herself proudly.

History: A child of a poor shoemaker and his wife, Maja grew up in the rough slums of Menzoberranzan and learnt to fight on the street. Luckily she was always tall and strong for her age. When leaving the slum she would feel anger at the riches of the nobles in their districts. When an adult she found work as a bouncer in a bar and then a bodyguard to merchants. She taught herself to use a club, then a mace, then a sword. Then found work for various mercenary groups, advancing herself on the job and learning skills from all she met. When working as a guard on a caravan she left the city for the first time and ended up in Skullport. Making gold here she made enough to be able to return to Menzoberranzan and pay for private tuition in the sword and so to finally hone and advance those skills. She then returned to Skullport.

Internal Philosophy & Psychology:
"Freedom! Freedom from the pressures of Menzoberranzan. Freedom from the Yath and their superior attitude and their stupid rules and hierarchies and punishments. Do they even represent the true will of Lolth? Does not the spider spin its web alone - strong in its independence? Most drow act like ants not spiders, huddling pathetically together, squabbling and arguing about petty concerns and slights. I have no time for that - i can be stronger on my own. And i will. Freedom! Freedom is found here in Skullport!"

Skullport is a magnet for the freaks, for the rebels, for the outcasts and disaffected. Maja is one of those. Being chaotic neutral her main desire in life is freedom and independence like most of that alignment. The contradiction of drow society is that in many ways it is lawful rather than chaotic due to the dictatorial nature of the church of Lolth. Those who rebel against this are easily crushed by the Yath so Skullport is the ideal place for them.

Now she has grown strong and highly skilled as a warrior and so she has grown in confidence and will not stand being ordered about and is willing to tell anyone what she thinks of them. She fears only Lolth and believes that is the correct philosophy and the will of Lolth - the true test of Lolth.

Maja has never been cruel and even dislikes the idea of slavery as it impugns her own ideals of freedom. She has always been tolerant of other races partly due to working for some dwarves and humans in a mercenary group in Menzoberranzan. In fact the longer she has spent in Skullport among other races the more she has actually moved towards chaotic good.

Her belief in Lolth stems primarily for her need to connect to an 'other' and from Lolth's almost exclusive worship in her home city. And she believes the Yath do not follow her correctly. She fears Lolth as is normal and believes her devoutly to be the ultimate power in the universe. If this belief is corrected will she begin to doubt her devotion to Lolth?

Maja is generally calm and can be quite friendly. However she does have a temper that when ignited shows her more drow racial characteristics. She is proud and insults directed at her or even to the drow race can set her temper off and she has the capacity to act unwisely or violently. She has an ego and believes in her superiority as a drow female but thinks showing that openly is boorish and tempts fate and so she prefers to show that superiority by her actions.

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