Antimar - Male Drow - Arcane Scholar

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Antimar - Male Drow - Arcane Scholar

Postby khaevil Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:58 pm

Hubris, perhaps Antimar's defining quality.

While he is full of potential, and will surely be a great wizard one day, he believes he's the greatest practitioner of the art that has ever lived, and probably ever will. While he recognizes that there are wizards of greater ability, he feels they merely have more years of research behind them and that he was born with such an abundance of potential that he'll outshine all in just a few decades — this is certainly not the case. Not only are there wizards who have spent more time practicing the art than he, many of them have more raw potential than he possesses as well.

Fresh form the Sorcere of Menzoberranzan, he comes to Skullport seeking the magic of other races for a grand plan. He doesn't feel other races have superior magic, quite the opposite, they are idiots barely capable of cantrips. But he doesn't need the best versions of spells available, he needs many versions of similar spells to compare and contrast. He is his own greatest obstacle to attaining this knowledge, as he lacks social grace and doesn't hide well his contempt for any not of the drow race, or even drow who aren't wizards.

Through intense study of the many varied methods of arriving at a similar result, he seeks to understand the basics of how magic works. He believes his studies will lead to more powerful magic with less effort to invoke. Compiling a many volumed manuscript of the fundamentals of the arcane arts, he intends to eventually return to Menzoberranzen with his magnificent work. This will launch a new age of arcane enlightenment among the drow, with him as the glorious founder — or so he believes.

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