Lucius - Male Tiefling - Escaped Thayan Wizard Slave/Rogue

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Lucius - Male Tiefling - Escaped Thayan Wizard Slave/Rogue

Postby PoisonedPaint Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:31 am

Full Name: Lucius

Nick Name(s): Luc, Luke

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Marital Status: Single, secretly searching, male preferred, but has a flirtatious attitude.

Hair: Coal Black

Eyes: Fiery Red (Orange Tint), Somewhat draconic-like with slight points at the top and bottom of the iris, a mixture between fiendish and draconic due to experimenting.

Origin: ???

Language(s): Common, Mulhorandi

Height: 5'1”

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Light and Lithe, Toned, average body structure. He has a few scars here and there, but nothing that disfigures him completely. He does however, have a few horns and scales on his head and patches along his body.

Race/Species: Tiefling

Parents/Elders/Guardians: ???

Siblings: ???

Deity: Whom he follows is still quite difficult to say. He enjoys pleasures of the flesh, as well as other hedonistic activities, so he often reveres Sharess, but can often give lip service to other deities.

Career/Past Careers: Mercenary, Thug for hire, merchant of various goods.

Dreams/Life Goals: He is unsure. He seeks to gain riches, and power. While possibly finding a significant other along the way, but he is too stubborn to admit that.

Hobbies: Gambling, luring others to do his dirty work, being flirtatious with either gender.

Likes: Riches, power.

Dislikes: Being cornered into things, being resented for his race (why he covers himself so heavily typically), slavery.

Fears: Being faithful to one person, being helpless, being restricted, being ridiculed, being denied.

Strengths: Being stealthy, good with blades, reliable to those he deems as true friends (not many).

Weakness: Riches, Greed, Lust.

Temperament: Usually calm and collected, or happy-go-lucky. Can be angered in certain situations.

Background: Lucius, from what he remembers, was a slave of a Red Wizard of Thay. He remembers nothing of his childhood or before—everything a blank. He was kept as a 'scientific' slave for testing out various concoctions and strange magics for his master, due to his fiendish heritage. His master wanted to cross fiend and draconic traits through multiple blood transfusions, potions, and magics.

His eyes' irises had morphed slightly to a more draconic-like look, with patches of scales appearing on various parts of his body, which seem almost unnoticeable unless one would feel the skin, or glint in a certain light.

One day, his master had pushed Lucius to his very limit, after noticing these strange changes. Lucius had enough of the slavery life—he broke his slave bonds, and murdered his master in a primal fury—one that had built up over the years. Bare and unsure of what to do or where to go next, he stripped his ex-master of his clothing, and fled using a teleportation scroll, which he then wound up within the Underdark, Skullport.

There, he started his journey, alone and on the run from slavers who may want to take them for themselves.

- I play any and all mature/strong violence/nudity/explicit themes when asked, as long as it makes sense to the character. But please ask beforehand to make sure we are both comfortable where things are headed. If YOU at all feel uncomfortable with my character by any means, please tell me. I will never take offense if you tell me what bothers you, and how I can fix it.

- I prefer non-PVP and non-perma death. I tend to make sure my characters do not cross that line. You can knock him out, put a curse on him, any sort of non-permanent thing, just please O.K. it with me, or warn me if things are going down a path you think I may not be comfortable with.

- I have only recently returned to NWN 2 Persistent World RPing, so please go easy on me if I tend to slip up a little or forget a part of lore, etc. I do however, like comments on my roleplay, and constructive criticism. I do not like snobs or rude people; I will treat you with kindness and respect, I expect the same from those I show it to.

- If something isn't listed here, just ask me; I'm very chill. :)

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