Maltyrr - Female Drow - Rogue

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Maltyrr - Female Drow - Rogue

Postby Moridin Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:25 am

Name: Maltyrr
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Physical Description: She has dirty white shoulder length hair, the typical red eyes of a Drow and has a visibly previously broken nose. She normally wears assorted leathers, and multiple belts, and a bandanna on both her forehead(to keep her bangs from obstructing her vision) and on her neck(to hide her collar and cover her face).
Height: 5 feet
Age: 111 Years
Deity: None in particular though she fears Lolth the most.
Personality: She is a Drow that knows that many non-Drow have the ability to end her miserable existence. As a result she acts pleasant most of the time as a front, to keep things from devolving into armed combat. Beyond that, she is a typical Skulker that is out for herself, and is not worried about harming others to improve her situation.

Biography: She was the daughter of two low born traders from Menzoberranzan that primarily acted as the middlemen between the rothe herders and foreign markets. Her mother was treating Maltyrr as an apprentice, so that she would one day take over the business. So they dragged her along on an expedition to Skullport. The trip was rather uneventful considering regular trips through the Underdark, until the caravan had reached Taglath's Pass. Once there, the caravan was ambushed by a gang of Skulker Thugs. This close to their destination, the guards had not been paying as much attention to all of their surroundings. The Skulkers succeeded in their ambush, and Maltyrr got away due to her mother telling her to run into the city. She eventually lost the gang since they were more concerned with plundering the caravan for its food and wood.
Several years passed where she was molded into the creature she is today, through eating whatever scraps she could get to being driven into thievery. She was nearly captured by slavers twice.

Ingame things that have occurred in order(Spoiler):
- Organized a profitable relationship with a Drow crafter, who may in the future also act as a fence
- Has been hired multiple times as a mercenary for very diverse jobs(from bounty hunting, to bare bones mercenary work to theft from other players with permission)
- Has been enslaved by an excellent tracker
- Has been forced into the Black Bullet Cartel
- Has messily stolen the coin off of a Waterdhavian silk merchant named "Daven Saltworth"
- Was nearly cleaved in two by her master
- Did some work for the Red Wizards
- Pissed off said Red Wizards
- Got invited to a Cult and refused
- Found the Promenade
- Was freed
- Was captured by the red wizards but escaped
- Transported a particularly strong poison to the Lysaens
- Discovered the routine of said excellent tracker
- Stole a driftglobe off of a chandler in the market and got away with it
- Had all of her scars removed.
- Was hired on as a member of Scarlet's mercenaries, only to have said excellent tracker be hired as her commanding officer the very next day.
- Looked into the mess of Jarek getting attacked in the street
- Was the first person cured of the plague that wracked Skullport, due to her handiwork. Has decided to help distribute the plague only because she hated being infected, and others are spurring her on to do so.

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